Flash talks I

Tuesday 28 June, 09:30-10:00 (BST)

I-04 David Gelbwaer-Klimovsky: Violation of detailed balance in open quantum systems
I-09 Onur Pusuluk: Thermocoherent effect: Generalization of Onsager’s reciprocity relations for heat and quantum correlations
I-13 Alessandro Candeloro: Energetics of bipartite interacting quantum system and the quantum heat
I-14 Marcin Lobejko: Towards reconciliation of completely positive open system dynamics with equilibration postulate
I-21 Salvatore Tirone: Noisy quantum batteries: optimizing the output ergotropy
I-26 Miku Ishizaki: Switching the function of the quantum Otto cycle in non-Markovian dynamics: heat engine, heater and heat pump
I-38 Matteo Brunelli: A unified collision model for coherent and measurement-based quantum feedback
I-42 Oisin Culhane: Extractable Work in Quantum Electromechanics
I-43 Dmitry Golubev: Thermoelectric current in a graphene Cooper pair splitter
I-46 Andrew Guthrie: Towards a Quantum Otto Refrigerator in a Superconducting Circuit

Flash talks II

Wednesday 29 June, 14:00-14:30 (BST)

II-04 Paolo Andrea Erdman: Identifying optimal cycles in quantum thermal machines with reinforcement-learning
II-11 Guilherme de Sousa: Quantum harmonic oscillator under measurement and feedback
II-16 Brecht Donvil: Fluctuation relation for general time local master equations
II-17 George Thomas: Thermally pumped maser and three terminal heat transport with superconducting circuits
II-22 Muhammad Tahir Naseem: Ground-state cooling of mechanical resonators by quantum reservoir engineering
II-25 Parth Kumar: On the First Law of Thermodynamics in Time-Dependent Open Quantum Systems
II-27 Juliette Monsel: Geometric energy transport and refrigeration with driven quantum dots
II-28 Julia Boeyens: Continuous measurement feedback for adaptive qubit thermometry
II-29 Emanuel Schwarzhans: The Emergence of Objectivity: Measurement as an equilibration process
II-32 Tiago Santos: An optically pumped two-stroke thermal machine
II-34 Vasco Cavina: Maximum power heat engines and refrigerators in the fast-driving regime
II-37 Joshua Eglinton: Geometric Bounds on the Power of Adiabatic Thermal Machines
II-38 Matteo Acciai: Role of fluctuations in a non equilibrium demon
II-47 Archak Purkayastha: Periodically refreshed quantum thermal machines
II-49 Eric Lutz: Experimental study of fully quantum fluctuation theorems using dynamic Bayesian networks

Poster Booklet

Poster Session I

Tuesday 28 June, 10:00-12:30 (BST)
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Poster Session II

Wednesday 29 June, 14:30-17:00 (BST)
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