Quantum thermodynamics addresses the emergence of thermodynamic phenomena from quantum mechanics. In addition, it aims at clarifying to what extent the paradigms of thermodynamics apply in the quantum domain when quantum effects such as quantum correlations, quantum fluctuations, coherences and entanglement, come into play. Emerging novel quantum technologies motivate the quest for smaller devices and quantum thermal machines. Such devices operating at the quantum level form the foundation for quantum information processing, quantum sensing and metrology. The area of quantum thermodynamics is undergoing rapid development with contributions from many fields of physical science, such as open quantum systems, quantum information, quantum optics, statistical physics. Experimental platforms include solid state and photonic devices, trapped ions, cold atoms, opto-mechanics and more. This annual conference gives an opportunity to discuss new results and foster new collaborations within the community.

The conference will be held online. Registration is now open.

Previous editions: Geneva (online) 2021Barcelona (online) 2020Espoo 2019Santa Barbara 2018Oxford 2017, Erice (QTD2016), Porquerolles (QTD2015), Mallorca (2ndQTD), and Berlin (1st QTD).

Locally organised by the Quantum Technology group at Queen’s University Belfast.