UN Chinese Language Day

Calling all our learners of Chinese at Queen’s

Action Plan for 2021 United Nations Chinese Language Day & First CMG Chinese-language Video Festival Abroad

The first ever Chinese Language Video Festival has been launched to celebrate this year’s United Nations Chinese Language Day.

The festival gives foreigners from across the world the opportunity to enter a competition by submitting a video that celebrates Chinese culture.

Entrants are invited to submit original videos that showcase Chinese calligraphy, Chinese poetry, as well as Chinese culinary culture by recalling their own stories or narrating memories related to spring time. 


Theme and format

The video works can include but not limited to the following themes and topics showcasing:

  • Chinese characters in the Chinese language,
  • Chinese culinary culture,
  • Chinese calligraphy,
  • and the beauty of Chinese poetry.

In addition to the aforementioned topics, candidates can also choose to record their videos by telling their own stories or narrating pieces of memory related to springtime. The format can be flexible, candidates can make their videos through talent show, storytelling, scientific knowledge explanation or Chinese language challenge games etc, as long as the video works are original.


  • 18 March-15 April     Registration form and video submission
  • 16 April-19 April       Final review of works & program packaging
  • 20 April           Award Ceremony & broadcasting and streaming of prize-winning video works


The competition is open to all foreigners who love the Chinese culture and language and who have been learning the Chinese language.

How to join?

Thinking of taking a Chinese language course @ Queen’s?

Registration is open until promptly at 17:00 on Thursday 15 April. Classes are expected to be extremely popular and usually fill up quickly, so early registration is strongly recommended.

All classes will commence week beginning Monday 19 April 2021. All language courses will comprise of online practice activities, pre-class videos and weekly, live online teaching, delivered by a tutor to groups of no more than 20 learners. Courses will last for 10 weeks, with 1 x 90 minute live online teaching session each week.

  • Mandarin Chinese Level 1A
  • Mandarin Chinese Level 1B
  • Mandarin Chinese Level 2
  • Mandarin Chinese Level 3
  • Mandarin Chinese Level 4
  • Mandarin Chinese Level 5

CCF9/C-LIG April Talk

CCF9 – Is Chinese hard to learn? Ask Hart

This is also a Chinese-LIG event.


  • To explore Sir Robert Hart, the first generation of Queen’s graduate and Inspector General of the Chinese Imperial Maritime Customs of the Qing Dynasty, with respect to his trajectory of learning Chinese from his diaries at the Library Special Collections;
  • To promote Chinese for non-specialist courses to a wider community of students, staff members, as well as members of the public who would have interest in Chinese language and culture;
  • To introduce Chinese learning resources, approaches and platforms at Queen’s.


Happy International Women’s Day


国际妇女节快乐 (Guójì Fùnǚjié kuàilè)!

International Women’s Day is held on 8th March each year and is a global day which celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. It is a day to mark a call to action for accelerating gender parity. Worldwide, groups and organisations come together to celebrate women’s achievements or to rally for women’s equality. 

From Queen’s Gender Initiative

On Friday 5th March, we hosted the last event of CNY2021 celebration, Panel Discussion – The joy of women artists with brush pens during lockdown, which also marked the celebration of International Women’s Day. We were glad that a wide audience of Queen’s students, staff members and members of the public were positively engaged with the artists, sharing their excellent exhibition as well as their positive life attitude.

Top: Lili Li and Jean Jing; Bottom: Jieyu Li and Wenli Zhang

We would also like to express our heart-felt thanks to you who have been engaged, as both contributors and audience, with our CNY celebrations starting from the paper crafts workshop, through the Launch day event featuring performance and a guest talk on Great Books of China, followed by a two-week-long culture forum talks from an array of interesting topics delivered by scholars and research students from across a range of disciplines and diverse cultural backgrounds.

All the recorded talks, including the ArtEast exhibition and discussion, coupled with flashcards of Chinese as language input, are uploaded online for reviewing. We hope this will encourage continuation of such conversations.

Finally, while we are in preparation for our future events, we may wish that the Year of the Ox brings us strength and success!

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CNY cloud exhibition

Well, all the other CNY celebrations done? Is that all?

Our CNY2021 QUBLC-ArtEast exhibition provides a cloud space for you to appreciate a selection of paintings from the Art East ladies created during the lockdown period.

It’s amazing that they have kept so positive and productive using their magic brush pens. We hope this exhibition will bring you a different feel towards life and the surroundings.

While this exhibition is ongoing we would like to invite you to join our online panel discussion on 05/03 with the ladies to share their painting perspectives and practice, as well as their positive attitude towards life and art. In particular, we would like to see your vote on the best paintings from each of the artists (e.g. Jing-001, LLi-001, Zhang-001, JLi-001) to match against their own picks in the comment box at the bottom of the exhibition page.

From left to right: Jieyu, Jean, Wenli and Lili

This event also marks the celebration of the International Women’s Day (8th March) which has the theme ‘Choose to Challenge’ this year. Feel free to share on your social media using #ChooseToChallenge #IWD2021.

For more IWD-themed events at Queen’s, please visit Queen’s Gender Initiative page.