CCF9/C-LIG April Talk

CCF9 – Is Chinese hard to learn? Ask Hart

This is also a Chinese-LIG event.


  • To explore Sir Robert Hart, the first generation of Queen’s graduate and Inspector General of the Chinese Imperial Maritime Customs of the Qing Dynasty, with respect to his trajectory of learning Chinese from his diaries at the Library Special Collections;
  • To promote Chinese for non-specialist courses to a wider community of students, staff members, as well as members of the public who would have interest in Chinese language and culture;
  • To introduce Chinese learning resources, approaches and platforms at Queen’s.


4 thoughts on “CCF9/C-LIG April Talk

  1. Looking forward to hear all about Hart as student of Chinese language. He was such a brilliant student in his days at Queen’s University College as it was called at his time.
    He always ended the academic year with a grant!

    • Aglaia, glad that you will join – feel much saved as you are the expert to come to the session 😉

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