CNY2021 Exhibition

ArtEast Exhibition

  • From Wednesday 10/02/2021

Panel Discussion: The joy of women artists with brush pens during lockdown

  • Friday 5th March 2021
  • 1.00 – 2.00 pm
  • Registration (closed)
  • Platform: QUB MS Teams

ArtEast, founded in 2015, is a group of artists in Belfast who are enthusiastic about Chinese paintings. They meet and practise regularly, aiming to foster excellence in the artworks, and to promote awareness, recognition and appreciation of Chinese arts in Northern Ireland. Since 2017, they have oragnised a series of exhibitions and workshops following the theme of Magic Brush in Belfast and elsewhere.

Member Profiles

Jean JING (经维夏)

With science background, she has rekindled her great passion for traditional painting since childhood. She is a member of several art Clubs and Societies in the UK and China, including Ulster Society of Women Artists and Ulster Watercolour Society. Her paintings, covering a wide range of themes, have been exhibited both in Shanghai and Belfast.

Lili LI (李莉莉)

Lili was born and educated in an academic environment and was introduced to Chinese ink painting and calligraphy at her early age. She worked mostly in the financial and business sectors, and has been involved heavily in voluntary work, but arts always have been her passion. She is inspired by both Chinese and Western schools of artists and uses both traditional and modern methods of painting, including ink, washes and brush, to capture movement and life.

Wenli ZHANG (张文莉)

With her journalist background from China originally, she has been working in various professional roles from private to public sectors in NI. Her art pieces include traditional ink and wash freehand style and meticulous style. Her birds and flowers represent a symbol of good luck and blessing.

Jieyu LI (李洁玉)

Influenced by her uncle who was an artist in China, Jieyu has loved Chinese art since she was a child. She has enjoyed Chinese painting in her spare time after joining the ArtEast group in Belfast.


We have the pleasure to present some selected artworks produced by the artists during the lockdown. For better viewing effect from computer screen, you can right click each of the image and open it in a new window.

We thank you for viewing. If you have any thoughts or comments regarding the paintings, you are welcome to use the box below for communication. In particular, we hope that you can vote on the best ones from each of the artists (e.g. Jing-001, LLi-001, Zhang-001, JLi-001). The artists would like to hear why you make this choice and will try to include your thoughts in the panel discussion on Friday 5th March.

Jean JING (经维夏)

Lili LI (李莉莉)

Wenli ZHANG (张文莉)

Jieyu LI (李洁玉)

Recorded video


You can click on the cards to turn over and listen to the pronunciations.

3 thoughts on “CNY2021 Exhibition

    • Thank you, Lai, for your registration. Maybe you can suggest the ones you like best from each of the artists to help them understand better from audience point of view. Hope to see you on Friday!

  1. Thanks Jean for sharing. Well done everyone. Amazing pieces of work, I liked all of them. Hope we can all meet up again this summer.

    Puvaneswary (Drumbeg art group)

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