Dragon Boat / Duanwu Festival Culture Talk

  • Video clip (watch it and do the quiz below)
  • Duanwu Festival Quiz
  1. When is the Duanwu Festival due, according to the Chinese lunar calendar?
    A. the 1st day of the 5th month
    B. the 5th day of the 5th month
    C. the 15th day of the 5th month
    D. the last day of the 5th month
  2. Duanwu Festival is the time for people to ______ in China and overseas Chinese communities.
    A.celebrate harvest
    B.have dragon boat races    
    C.worship family ancestors
    D.commemorate a famous ancient poet called Qu Yuan
  3. What particular food do Chinese people prepare on Duanwu Festival?
    A. jiaozi dumpling
    B. moon cake
    C. zongzi dumpling
    D. pancake
  4. What do Chinese people, both home and abroad, traditionally do on this particular occasion?
    A. participate in boat races
    B. make/eat zongzi dumplings
    C. drink realgar alcohol (painting on children’s foreheads and limbs)
    D. wear herbal pouches to ward off diseases
  • A poem for Qu Yuan

DIY paper folding

  • Zongzi paper folding (Chinese instruction)
  • Dragon boat paper folding (Chinese instruction)

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