UN Chinese Language Day

Calling all our learners of Chinese at Queen’s

Action Plan for 2021 United Nations Chinese Language Day & First CMG Chinese-language Video Festival Abroad

The first ever Chinese Language Video Festival has been launched to celebrate this year’s United Nations Chinese Language Day.

The festival gives foreigners from across the world the opportunity to enter a competition by submitting a video that celebrates Chinese culture.

Entrants are invited to submit original videos that showcase Chinese calligraphy, Chinese poetry, as well as Chinese culinary culture by recalling their own stories or narrating memories related to spring time. 


Theme and format

The video works can include but not limited to the following themes and topics showcasing:

  • Chinese characters in the Chinese language,
  • Chinese culinary culture,
  • Chinese calligraphy,
  • and the beauty of Chinese poetry.

In addition to the aforementioned topics, candidates can also choose to record their videos by telling their own stories or narrating pieces of memory related to springtime. The format can be flexible, candidates can make their videos through talent show, storytelling, scientific knowledge explanation or Chinese language challenge games etc, as long as the video works are original.


  • 18 March-15 April     Registration form and video submission
  • 16 April-19 April       Final review of works & program packaging
  • 20 April           Award Ceremony & broadcasting and streaming of prize-winning video works


The competition is open to all foreigners who love the Chinese culture and language and who have been learning the Chinese language.

How to join?

Thinking of taking a Chinese language course @ Queen’s?

Registration is open until promptly at 17:00 on Thursday 15 April. Classes are expected to be extremely popular and usually fill up quickly, so early registration is strongly recommended.

All classes will commence week beginning Monday 19 April 2021. All language courses will comprise of online practice activities, pre-class videos and weekly, live online teaching, delivered by a tutor to groups of no more than 20 learners. Courses will last for 10 weeks, with 1 x 90 minute live online teaching session each week.

  • Mandarin Chinese Level 1A
  • Mandarin Chinese Level 1B
  • Mandarin Chinese Level 2
  • Mandarin Chinese Level 3
  • Mandarin Chinese Level 4
  • Mandarin Chinese Level 5

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