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The Chinese Culture Forum at Queen’s since 2015

Against a backdrop of Queen’s increasing engagement with China in research, education, business and socio-cultural exchanges in both academic and professional contexts, this Chinese Culture Forum aims to provide opportunities to anyone that would like to gain insights into contemporary Chinese culture, as well as the experiences of Chinese people living and working in Belfast, through a series of interactive talks from a range of invited speakers, both Queen’s staff and students, as well as external guests as part of the Queen’s Internationalisation agenda. 

This forum is a platform for ongoing exchange of ideas and sharing experiences of individuals who are interested in Chinese culture, contemporary or traditional, with an intention to understand better Chinese cultural products, practice and perspectives through intercultural dialogues.

While we will do our best to arrange the sessions on topics or issues of potential interest, we are open to suggestions and proposals from you – whether you are a Queen’s staff member, or a student, or a visiting scholar, or a professional from the outside – You are all welcome to contact us by filling the Proposal Form below.

If you cannot scan the QR code, please click the Proposal Form here.

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