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How could TCM help you? — Health perceptions and self-practice guides
如何让中医助你一臂之力?—— 中医健康理念和居家操作指导

Friday 14th Wednesday 19th June 2024
13:00-14:00 12:00-13:00
Auditorium, The McClay Library


Dr Wenyuan PU (濮文渊), currently a visiting scholar at the School of Pharmacy, QUB, is an Associate Professor at Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine. She holds significant positions in various prestigious organizations, including the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS), where she is a council member of both the Classical Formulas Committee and the Allergy Diseases Committee. With her research focus on the study of Shang Han Lun (《伤寒论》) theories, methods, prescriptions, and medicinal substances, Dr Pu teaches a diverse range of students from undergraduates to doctoral students in Chinese medicine, integrated Chinese and Western medicine, acupuncture and massage, and Chinese medicine rehabilitation. Dr Pu has also been an advisor on traditional Chinese medicine for the Malaysian Aromatherapy Association.

As an heir of the Menghe Medical Academic School, Dr Pu has expertise in herbal treatments for gastrointestinal disorders, allergic diseases, and pain syndromes. She is proficient in the Huxiang Academic School’s pediatric massage techniques for treating pediatric fever and allergic diseases.


  • A brief introduction to traditional Chinese medicine
  • Examples of TCM applications
  • Perceptions and practice of TCM in treatment
  • Demonstration of self-practice guides

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