Drawing the Dragon Competition and Exhibition

Drawing the Dragon Workshop (Friday 2nd February)

The Exhibition (alphabetic order on family names)

Szilvia Bokros, Finance Officer and visual artist
Joyce Chen 陈若萱
Bearnaird Cuffe, TESOL student
Min Jiang 江敏
Yanna Jiao, Biological Sciences
Varshitha Manjunath, I’m a student at Queen’s pursuing MSc International Business
Tanishq Parmar, I am Indian and a Postgraduate student pursuing MA Film from Queens University
Afsaneh Eliyas A Shibani, PhD Student in Media and Broadcast
Shuwen Wang (王舒雯) 5-year-old , with Wenyuan Pu
Mohit Wardhe, Indian
Maysee Wei 魏梅西, 7 years old
Xuemei Wu, MSc student


Late submissions

Previous drawing competitions

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