CNY2022 Art Exhibition

Welcome to the CNY2022 Art Exhibition online! This is the second year that the Language Centre collaborates with the ArtEast Club to host this online exhibition, covering a wide range of paintings that reflect the artists’ beliefs in and attitudes towards life and pandemic challenges since its breakout. We hope that you will appreciate the positivity and productivity of the ArtEast Club members who are no more different than everyone else.

ArtEast, founded in 2015, is a group of artists in Belfast who are enthusiastic about Chinese paintings.

Members in participation (alphabetic order)

Jean JING starts to paint after her retirement. Recently she focuses on animal though her work covers a variety of themes, mainly in ink painting, water colour, pen and pencil. Due to the pandemic, all the art organisations remain inactive but Jean makes use of the opportunity to learn some new skills. During the summer she spent her most of time life sketching.

Elsie KUAN is a member of Royal Society of Chemistry and a member of Ulster Watercolour Society. Taking up painting as her hobby initially, she has done outdoor painting with Mr James Watson for many years. She has joined Royal Ulster Academic Exhibitions twice.

Jieyu LI was very interested in art when she was a little girl. She particularly likes Chinese traditional painting. Recently she practiced some traditional Chinese painting.

Lili LI was born and educated in an academic environment and learned Chinese ink painting and calligraphy early in her life.  She worked in the financial and business sectors and has been involved heavily in voluntary work, but arts always have been her passion.  She has started to learn oil painting since the pandemic period.  She uses both traditional and modern methods to capture movement and life.

Educated both in science and traditional Chinese medicine, Meiling YANG is now working as an acupuncturist in a Chinese medical clinic. She has been interested in art since her childhood and learned the basics of art and Chinese painting. She loves art and practises Chinese painting in her leisure time.

Wenli ZHANG came to the UK since 1994 and has worked in various professional roles in university/college and public sectors in NI. She loves traditional Chinese art, and applies both freehand ink wash and meticulous technique (gong bi) in her artworks.  Her flowers and birds, landscape, and figure paintings represent a symbol of good luck and blessing of the traditional culture. She is an active member of the ArtEast club.


We thank you for viewing. If you use your mobile to view the paintings, please make sure that you scroll your screen so that you can view all of them.

If you have any thoughts or comments regarding the above paintings, you are welcome to use the box below for communication. In particular, we hope that you can vote on the best ones from each of the artists (e.g. Jing-001, Kuan-001, JLi-001, LLi-001, Yang-001, Zhang-001). The artists would like to hear why you make this choice.

If you would like to get in touch with any of the artists, feel free to leave your contact request in the comment box (your message will be forwarded to the artists but remain unpublished on this page).


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Elsie KUAN

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Jieyu LI

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Lili LI 

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Meiling YANG

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4 thoughts on “CNY2022 Art Exhibition

  1. My favourites but a lot of work have gone into them all.
    Galloping alone the coast Elsie KUAN liked the sky colours and the chi of the horse
    Bright future Jean Jing Very cute hard to choose this one
    Boasts of the Lijang River Jieyu Li Liked the blue and grey of the colours
    In Dawning Lili LI Dramatic unusual
    Purple Grapes Meiling YANG Liked the composition
    Guan Yin – The Badhisattva of compassion Wenli ZHANG The wash and picture was lovely

    • Thanks very much for your visit and comments, Sue. I have forwarded your words to the artists 🙂

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