Hong Kong Culture in the West Kowloon Cultural District

Wednesday 1 February 2023
Auditorium, McClay Library

Zexun ZHANG (School of Art History and Cultural Policy, UCD)

Zexun holds degrees in Art History and Cultural Management from mainland China and Hong Kong SAR respectively. He previously studied at Queen’s University Belfast and is currently enrolled at UCD. His research focuses on the intersection of culture and local development in Asia, including topics such as representations of local culture, the impact of globalization on cultural policies, and arts management in the Asian context.

With the ambition to brand Hong Kong as a cultural hub in East Asia and lured by the tourist economy, the HKSAR Government has led the cultural planning of a cultural district, namely the West Kowloon Cultural District (WKCD), after the handover in 1997. The WKCD is a 40-hectare cultural district located in the northwest part of Victoria harbour, consisting of iconic arts and cultural facilities and residential/hotel/office spaces. With the grand opening of the Xiqu Centre in 2019 and the M+ museum in 2021, it is interesting to see how Hong Kong culture has been interpreted through the programming and how missions and goals have been achieved. The contribution of this talk is to re-think how to formulate cultural narratives in the context of decolonisation and East Asian cultures.



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