CCF3 – From the Irish Chekhov to the Chinese Friel – Translating Friel for Chinese performance | 从爱尔兰的契诃夫到中国的弗里尔——布莱恩·弗里尔作品汉译初探

Date: Wed 16/02/2022
Time: 1-2 pm

Shurui YANG, PhD in Translation, School of Arts, English and Languages

This talk consists of two parts. The first part focuses on Friel’s translation of Uncle Vanya as an assertion of the ‘aesthetic independence’ of Irish culture. The second part looks at how these translation strategies might be used to translate Friel into Chinese, using his Philadelphia, Here I Come as case study. Drawing on Rita Felski’s concept of Postcritique, the discussion will discuss how translation secures emotional resonance across cultures as different as Ireland and Russia, and Ireland and China.  


Please click the link for watching.

One thought on “CCF3-Yang

  1. 这个活动我很喜欢,内容有一定的专业性,但又讲得深入浅出,很适合我这样的普通听众,不过关于弗里尔用到的翻译策略(似乎列举了两个?)以及怎样将从弗里尔那里学到的翻译策略运用于另一部剧作的翻译,并达到同样的情感效果,可否举出一两个例子来加以说明?多谢。

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