Chinese LIG starting in March

Following our successful celebrations of CNY 2020 at Queen’s, we are pleased to update you that the Chinese Language Interest Group (Chinese LIG) will be up and running. This is a student-led learning community that aims to enhance a better understanding of Chinese culture through learning its language, with social activities taking place throughout the academic year. It is led by voluntary Chinese students for learners of Chinese or anyone who’s genuinely interested in Chinese language and culture at Queen’s and beyond. You do not have to be registered for a Mandarin Chinese course in order to attend, nor do you need to have a high language level to begin with. All you need is the enthusiasm and willingness to participate in and contribute to group activities, online or onsite. 

To better inform us about your availability for participation, we would like to run a poll for the most mutually convenient time slots. Would you please select the slots for attendance by completing the online poll by Sunday 01/03 so that we could firm up the slots?

If you would like to attend a Chinese class with Language Centre, our 3rd semester enrolment is open  now until Thursday 16th April. See Language Centre Website for details.

We wish you every success in your study of the Chinese language.

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Chinese Culture Quiz Award

Thanks for your participation in the Chinese Culture Quiz 2020 as part of the Chinese New Year celebrations at Queen’s. We are very pleased to announce this year’s winners after reviewing the answers and making a lucky draw:

From left to right: Shamisha Tew (Law), Jianchun Yang (Management), Emma McCarthy (star winner, Mathematics), Noemi Rodriguez Dominguez (Student Guidance Centre), Sihua Tang (Education) and Rubern Rajasivam (Medicine)

Congratulations! We hope that you all have enjoyed the CNY celebrations so far. Our Chinese Culture Forum 2020 and Chinese Language Interest Group events remain active and you are very welcome to contribute to these programmes.

If you look to attend a language course, online registration will be open from FRIDAY 21 FEBRUARY at 00:30 until THURSDAY 16 APRIL at 17:00 for all classes starting Week beginning Monday 20 APRIL 2020. You may find the course schedule and registration links via the Language Centre website.

CCF2020 Album

Thanks, everyone, for your active participation in the celebrations of Year of The Mouse at Queen’s!

We are grateful to the students and staff members who contributed to the vibrant cultural activities and, in particular, the informative and inspiring culture talks delivered by:

  • Dr Aglaia De Angeli (HAPP/History)
  • Dr Ibrar Bhatt (SSESW/Education)
  • Ms Rui Sun (PhD candidate, AEL/Languages)
  • Ms Beidi Wang (MSc candidate, Management)
  • Prof Nathan Congdon (Centre for Public Health)

Some of the presentations and follow-up resources are uploaded with an overall link to the Chinese Culture Forum 2020 page and you are very welcome to read and to contact the presenters for further communication.

Our CCF2020 forum remains open for new talks and we would appreciate your contributions to this further development of the forum. Please reply to us if you would like to propose a topic for discussion.