Drawing Competition and Exhibition

Thanks for your participation in joining the Year of the Rabbit Drawing Competition. The entries are all uploaded for an exhibition below, following the alphabetic order of family names.

Children’s group

Akhil Anand (6.5 years old)

A red rabbit with lanterns

Ximeng Bao (8 years old, P5)

I wish everyone has a bright and prosperous new year.

Joyce Chen (13 years old)

This is a piece of art made for Chinese New Year. I used red acrylic paint for the background and paint markers for the details like the gold borders and the Chinese writing. The rabbit was drawn, then cut out and stuck on.

Jade Chu

A rabbit giving yasuiqian (red envelope with fortune money)

Jasmine Chu

The Zodiac animals having a welcoming party for the Rabbit while saying goodbye to the Tiger

Celine Li (7 years old)

A rabbit running through snow in winter.

Anne Wen (11 years old)

Fairy and Little Bun Bun are here to say: Happy New Year (Xīnnián hǎo) and welcome to the Year of the Rabbit! 🐇

Jiaying Wu (8 years old)

Show some elements of the Rabbit year in the drawing.

Lilian Wu (15 years old)

Rabbit is a very quiet and peaceful character.
I wish everyone have a peaceful new year!

Xiyue Wu (P3)

Celebrating the Year of Rabbit!

Wenxi Yu (11 years old)

[Translation: I like drawing very much. This is a painting on welcoming spring, using oil pastel. I would like to send my New Year wishes to my relatives and friends in China for a happy Year of the Rabbit and embracing good fortunes one after another.]

Mo Zhou (6 yeara old, P2)

A rabbit is living under an apple tree with a traditional lantern hanging on it. A stream of waterfall is just running by. Spring is coming back and flowers are blooming. One flower is standing on the rock of the right-bottom corner and fishing with a rod…

Adults’ group

Isobelle Corrigan (English & Spanish, School of Arts, English and Languages, QUB)

As we move forward into a new year, the year of the rabbit reminds me of new beginnings, new life, and springtime. This is particularly important to me as I too have moved forward into a new chapter of my life and began my first year as a GB student at Queen’s University Belfast.

Afsaneh Eliyas A Shibani (PhD Student in Media and Broadcast, Sonic Arts Research Centre, QUB)

I merged the illustration with digital art with Chinese text beside the rabbit form. The illustration is done with Chinese ink. I transferred the illustration art to digital art using computer graphic software. My aim of this design is to present the combination Qatari and Chinese cultures. The illustration design is called Sadu, a traditional form of weaving in Qatar. Woven Sadu is used in the manufacture of carpets, furniture, bags, tents, etc.

The Winners

After careful review by the ArtEast judges, the winners are announced as below. Congratulations to the winners!

Relate Exhibition

We are pleased to be informed of an Year of Rabbit exhibition in Derry-LondonDerry, organised by Mandarin Speakers Association and Chinese School, who has kindly shared with us the following drawings for display.

We thank you for your participation with contribution to the Drawing Competition this year and welcome comments from the audience in the comment box below. We look forward to more entries in the coming years.

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