Lockdown Language Learning

The Language Centre is pleased to offer students, staff and members of the public the opportunity to avail of free, online and accessible language learning resources at beginners level in French, German, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. These resources are intended to help as many people as possible to consider picking up a new language in a positive way to make use of our time during the lockdown fight against pandemic.

Each language learning resource consists of 5 lessons over a 5- or 10-week period. Each week/fortnight you will have 2 hours of pre-recorded language tuition in the form of a number of videos, accessible via these web-pages. There will also be a weekly/bi-weekly live follow-up ‘clinic’, facilitated by your tutor. In these clinics, the content from the pre-recorded tuition can be expanded upon, questions answered and further examples provided. There is no related assessment and you can sign up for as many languages as you wish. Dates for the weekly, live classes can be found on the individual web-pages for each language.

For full details and registration, click the button below.