CCF2 – Waste recycling research and collaboration with China | 废弃物回收研究以及与中国的科研合作

Date: Wed 09/02/2022
Time: 1-2 pm

Dr Chunfei WU, Reader, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, QUB

In this talk, the recycling of wastes, including biomass, plastics and CO2 will be presented and discussed with the related research background such as climate change and the urgent needs of waste plastic recycling. The advantages of using biomass will also be briefly discussed. In addition, recent activities through collaboration with Chinese researchers will be introduced. These activities include the co-organisation of conferences, events, workshops, the co-publication of research papers, and the application and delivery of research projects. Finally, the involvement of UK-Chinese societies and the supervision of Chinese students in this research area will also be discussed.


Please click the link for watching.

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