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We have collected a range of topics from our Queen’s Chinese students and staff members, as well as learners of Chinese who share their experiences and understandings of Chinese culture through intercultural encounters in China or elsewhere. We also have DVDs to help you discover China in a well-informed way with our Chinese-LIG volunteers’ facilitation. The DVDs or clips can be viewed onsite as food for thought.

We will also add external resources from social media such as WeChat, Youtube, Instagram and Facebook to bring a variety of interesting topics for complementary views.

You are very welcome to contribute to the list below by writing your own experience and perspectives of certain topics relating to Chinese historical and contemporary culture. Alternatively, feel free to let us know what cultural topics you are interested in by replying to us in the comment box below.

  • Agriculture
    • Food Security in China 粮安中国 (DVD)
  • Animal
    • Raising Baby Giant Panda 成长的大熊猫宝宝 (DVD)
  • Architecture
  • Art and Artist
    • Chinese Young Artists 中国青年艺术家 (DVD)
  • Education
  • Environment
    • Environmental Protection in China 环保中国 (DVD)
    • Low-Carbon China 低碳中国 (DVD)
  • Fashion and lifestyle
  • Geography
  • Healthcare
    • Healthcare in China 健康中国 (DVD)
  • History
    • China’s Schindlers 罪行与忏悔:日本与德国 (DVD)
  • Policy
    • China Review – China in a New Five-year Plan 解读中国--新五年规划时期的中国 (DVD)
    • China in Transition 转型中的中国 (DVD)
  • Sport
  • Technology
    • China’s Internet Era 中国互联网时代 (DVD)
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