Fun Time with Table Tennis at Queen’s

Date: Saturday 4 February 2023
Time: 14:00 – 17:30
Venue: Main Hall Court, QUB PEC

About the Event:
This event is the last episode of the Chinese New Year Celebrations (Year of the Rabbit) at Queen’s. Hosted by QUB Table Tennis Club, sponsored by the QUB iRise Staff Network and The Language Centre, it will invite all students and staff members to join this fun and friendly event on the Chinese Lantern Festival, engaging with this popular sport among the Chinese communities, as well as providing an opportunity for enhancing student and staff wellbeing through sport.

With taster sessions coached by Table Tennis club members, all QUB members, beginners and more advanced, are welcome to sign up for the fun event, with an appreciation of its unique culture, as well as developing some practical skills in body movements and mediation. There will be a show time for competitions to demonstrate the charm of the table tennis playing. There will also be a culture quiz (ended by Wed 8th February) to help understand the basics of the sport and its related cultural background. Prizes will be awarded in the end of the event.

This half-day event is free for all as non-PEC members’ entry fees are covered. Booking is needed due to capacity. Please complete the registration form below.

Photo Album

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Quiz Winners

Among the 9 participants in the Quiz, Li Bingxin and Yu Qingxu are the winners who both answered all the questions correct. Seow Jing Ying scored 9 out of 10 questions and became the runner-up. Congratulations to them all! Souvenirs will be arranged for collection following the message.

One thought on “Fun Time with Table Tennis at Queen’s

  1. As you can tell by my rosy cheeks in the pictures, this event was very warmly hosted and reignited faded glories from school days. My partner discovered a hidden talent for the ping-pong too! Alot of laughs & very well organised by Dr Wang and the club’s organisers. Great chatting with the other hopefuls too. There are also some exhibition level players here that are jaw dropping to see in action with tutorials to boot. Just do it!

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