CCF2020 Album

Thanks, everyone, for your active participation in the celebrations of Year of The Mouse at Queen’s!

We are grateful to the students and staff members who contributed to the vibrant cultural activities and, in particular, the informative and inspiring culture talks delivered by:

  • Dr Aglaia De Angeli (HAPP/History)
  • Dr Ibrar Bhatt (SSESW/Education)
  • Ms Rui Sun (PhD candidate, AEL/Languages)
  • Ms Beidi Wang (MSc candidate, Management)
  • Prof Nathan Congdon (Centre for Public Health)

Some of the presentations and follow-up resources are uploaded with an overall link to the Chinese Culture Forum 2020 page and you are very welcome to read and to contact the presenters for further communication.

Our CCF2020 forum remains open for new talks and we would appreciate your contributions to this further development of the forum. Please reply to us if you would like to propose a topic for discussion.

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