Dave Sandford wins Business Leadership award

Dave Sandford has been awarded a Business Leader of Tomorrow award from the Technology and Strategy Board.

Dave (PhD in Atmospheric Physics) is one of only 5 prize-winners from over 800 UK candidates in a national competition to find the best innovators and leaders in business within the Knowledge Transfer Partnership scheme.

Dave and Jim have developed, in partnership with Hughes Insurance (NI’s largest independent insurance broker), innovative applications of statistical physics and information theory to customer relations and company profitability. Hughes Insurance sponsors annual prizes for Undergraduate students in Mathematics and is supporting the new degree BSc in Mathematics with Finance at Queen’s.

Ben publishes his first paper!

Congrats to our very own Ben Rogers, who has just published his first paper! The work, which appeared last week in Phys. Rev. A, is the result of the collaboration between Ben, Gabriele and Mauro with Prof. G. Massimo Palma (Universita’ di Palermo), and deals with the merging of mesoscopic dynamics in a hybrid optomechanical system and techniques of optimal quantum control.

All the details of the study can be found in

B. Rogers, M. Paternostro, G. M. Palma, and G. De Chiara, Entanglement control in hybrid optomechanical systems, Phys. Rev. A 86, 042323 (2012)

Gerard graduates!

Congratulations to our very own Gerard, who successfully passed his viva on Friday 12 October! Gerard had a 90 minutes “chat” with Jim (internal examiner) and Prof. G. Massimo Palma, who kindly came all the way up from Palermo (Italy) to discuss with Gerard of his thesis. QTeQ is grateful to Massimo for this and the fantastic white-board seminar that he kindly gave us afterwards.

Gerard is the second graduate from QTeQ since the new course of the group. We have all enjoyed working with him and his deep-thinking attitude. The whole group joins to wish him all the very best for his future!

QTeQ minds its (quantum) context!

A member of QTeQ publishes a viewpoint on the APS journal “Physics”, which commissions commentaries from experts on hot papers accepted in Phys. Rev. journals.

Working with Matteo Paris, friend of the family and collaborator, Mauro writes on a state-independent quantum contextuality experiment performed in China by the group of Prof. L.-M. Duan.

Check out the details at

M. Paris, and M. Paternostro, Physics 5, 113 (2012)


Andrew Carlisle is awarded the 2012 Bates prize!

Andrew Carlisle, a new PhD student at QTeQ, has been awarded the 2012 David Bates Prize. This is awarded to the best final-year student at CTAMOP that decides to pursue PhD studies. The prize consists of a certificate and a lump sum to be spent on books!

QTeQ is proud of Andrew and congratulates on this success, which is certainly a great omen to future accomplishments

QTeQ storms New Journal of Physics!!

Three research papers authored by QTeQ’s members have been recently published in New Journal of Physics! Two of them are the results of our collaborations with premier experimental teams.

Working on optomechanics, Andre’ has first-authored two paper (one in collaboration with researchers at the University of Copenhagen and Hannover, the other one with Peter Domokos, in Hungary) in the NJP’s Focus issue on Optomechanics. Details of such works can be found reading

Dynamical scattering models in optomechanics: going beyond the ‘coupled cavities’ mode

Exciton-mediated photothermal cooling in GaAs membranes

The third success of the series results for the collaboration between Laura, Mauro and the Rome’s group led by Paolo Mataloni. The guys have taken an experimental approach to the celebrated Koashi-Winter relations. Results are found in

Tomographic characterization of correlations in a photonic tripartite state

Congratulations on these successes and keep up with the good job!