QTeQ paper on macroscopicity of quantum optomechanics

New paper on Phys Rev A by QTeQ members Andrew, Alessandro and Mauro! The work assesses the degree of macroscopic quantumness achievable through quantum optomechanical settings in both the single-photon and multi-photon coupling regime. The analysis has been performed in collaboration with long-term friend and collaborator Prof. Huynseok “Jacob” Jeong and his brilliant PhD student Hyukjoon Kwon (both at Seoul National University), and makes use of a tool for quantifying the macroscopic character of a quantum superposition brought forward by Hyunseok and Chang-Woo Lee (now at the Korea Institute of Advanced Studies). The details of the study can be found at

A. Carlisle, H. Kwon, H. Jeong, A. Ferraro, and M. Paternostro, On the limitations of a measurement-assisted optomechanical route to quantum macroscopicity of superposition states, Phys. Rev. A 92, 022123 (2015).

Farewell Oussama!

After an intense, enjoyable, and productive year spent at QTeQ, Oussama Houhou is now on his way back to the University of Constantine (Algeria) and his family. Twelve months passed too quickly for sure but QTeQ will welcome him back to his ‘northern irish home’ whenever possible! Ádh mór ort, Oussama and see you soon!