QTeQ’s work on PRA’s Kaleidoscope

An image from a recent paper by Mauro and collaborators [G. Vacanti et al, Nonclassicality of optomechanical devices in experimentally realistic operating regimes, Phys. Rev. A 88, 013851 (2013)] has been selected for the July 2013 issue of PRA’s Kaleidoscope!

Kaleidoscope showcases a selection of images from published articles in APS’s journals on the grounds of aestethics, among the most attractive and interesting graphics. Check up the APS’s editorial for further info.

The paper, published in collaboration with researchers at University of Oxford, Imperial College London, Universita’ di Palermo, and National University of Singapore, reports on the test of Bell’s inequalities using macroscopic quantum states of mechanical oscillators. Clearly, besides the science, the work is endowed with artistic merits, of which we are proud!

Overall, this is the third time work by QTeQ’s members is selected for the Kaleidoscope’s showcase.