Quantum Information Processing

We are interested in the development of schemes for the processing of quantum information in a variety of physical systems. We work on both theoretical proposals and experiments, in collaboration with some of the best teams active in this field.We are also interested in the understanding of “quantum correlations”, in its broadest sense, wondering about the way to generate, characterise and distribute quantum entanglement, which is “the” resource for quantum information processing, and the meaning and potential use of other, more general forms of quantum correlations. Finally, we are interested in the simulation of difficult physical processes and their interpretation from an information theoretical viewpoint.

We work on the design of quantum interfaces for light and matter. The task is to distribute quantum entanglement efficiently to the nodes of a distributed quantum network, using only pre-available resources of entanglement (like light fields)

We are interested in the simulation of high-energy physics through the realisation (in photonic circuits) of nucleonic states, including their quark degrees of freedom, for the check of their phenomenologically-inferred physical properties. Ideally, we would love to explore the whole eightfold way!
quantum circuits

We explore the relation between general quantum correlations and entropic properties such as mixedness of multiqubit states. We want to understand how useful concepts such as discord, measurement induced disturbance and alike are for the processing of quantum information. Our endeavours are both theoretical and experimental (in collaboration with the quantum optics group in Rome lead by Paolo Mataloni and Fabio Sciarrino, who are great friends of the family and delightful persons!!)
Quantum Discord

With the crew led by Fabio Sciarrino (including Nicolo’ Spagnolo and Chiara Vitelli), we work on micro-macro non-classical states to see how a mismatch in the dimensions of the subsystems that are part of a larger system affects its robustness to environmental action and the strength of non classical features
Quantum info with light

Finally, we are interested in the performance of quantum communication tasks, such as open-destination teleportation and quantum telecloning. We have implemented both these schemes, recently, in a photonic quantum computer based on hyperentanglement. These ground-breaking experiments have been implemented in the Rome’s labs thanks to the invaluable expertise of Andrea Chiuri, Chiara Greganti, Pino Vallone and Paolo Mataloni