PRL hat-trick for QTeQ members

Double success in April for QTeQ: Alessandro, Andre’, and Mauro managed to publish two separate research papers in the prestigious pages of Phys Rev Lett. In

Phys Rev Lett 112, 133604 (2014)

Andre’ and Mauro, together with research collaborators from Aarhus, Innsbruck, and Strasbourg, study phonon dynamics in a multi-element optomechanical system, paving the way to the exploration of many-body physics and coherent excitation transport in artificial optomechanical nanostructures. In

Phys Rev Lett 112, 133605 (2014)

Alessandro proposes a way to gain access to the field contained within a high-quality resonator without affecting the state of the radiation initially contained in it, keeping an eye on the experimental feasibility of the proposal. The work is the result of the ongoing collaboration between Alessandro and researchers at Imperial College London and University College London.

Ruari awarded an STSM from COST Action MP1209

Ruari McCloskey has been awarded 2.5k Euros from the COST Action MP1209 “Thermodynamics at the quantum limit” to cover a 10-day research visit to the group led by prof. G. Massimo Palma at Universita’ di Palermo. Ruari will work on collision-based models for system-environment interaction.

We are sure Ruari is enjoying the local folklore and the food!