QTeQ’s way to large deviations!

QTeQ hits the pages of Phys. Rev. A with a new paper on large deviation theory! Simon and Lorenzo, in collaboration with Gabriele, Mauro, and honorary QTeQ member Andre’, published a research paper proposing a new phase-space based method to assess the thermodynamics of the trajectories followed by a quantum harmonic oscillator coupled to N baths. The method, which allows the exact analytical derivation of the large deviation function for the oscillator, is a key step forward in the analytical study of the non-equilibrium thermodynamics of continuous variable systems. Further applications to come up soon!!

Details on the work can be found at

S. Pigeon, L. Fusco, A. Xuereb, G. De Chiara, and M. Paternostro, Thermodynamics of trajectories of a quantum harmonic oscillator coupled to N baths, Phys. Rev. A 92, 013844 (2015).