Editors’ Suggestion for QTeQ’s most recent PRA paper

Yet another “Editors’ Suggestion” for QTeQ’s research! This time is Ben’s work recently published in Phys. Rev. A to receive coverage from the APS Editorial Office: Ben’s paper on the non-destructive optical characterisation of Bose-Hubbard models, written in collaboration with Mauro and Jacob Sherson (Aarhus University) and reporting on a project driven and led by Gabriele, has just appeared in Phys. Rev. A as

B. Rogers, M. Paternostro, J. F. Sherson, and G. De Chiara, “Characterization of Bose-Hubbard models with quantum nondemolition measurements”, Phys. Rev. A 90, 043618 (2014)

and has been selected as an Editors’ Suggestion in light of his quality and relevance. This is only the latest of a series of papers from the QTeQ crew to be acknowledged by APS and covered as “Suggestions”. Well done Ben!!!

New PhD students at QTeQ

Four new PhD students have recently joined QTeQ: Conor Gallagher, Kenneth McAlpine, Sam McMillen, and Brendan Reid are the newest members of the group.
Conor will work with Alessandro on quantum computing on continuous-variable systems. Kenneth will work on correlations in quantum gases under the joint supervision of Jim and Gabriele. Sam will investigate (with Mauro) potential corrections to Schroedinger equation, keeping an eye open on possible physical tests. Finally, Brendan will study the diagnostic power of light-based probes for cold-atom quantum simulators, working under the supervision of Gabriele and with the support of Mariona.

QTeQ’s new students are sponsored by the Northern Ireland Department for Employment and Learning (Kenneth) and the EPSRC DTA (Conor, Sam, and Brendan).

“PRL Editors’ Suggestion” for QTeQ new Letter!

Great news at QTeQ: the paper

T. B. Batalhao et al. Phys. Rev. Lett. 113, 140601 (2014)

recently published in Phys Rev Lett by Gabriele and Mauro, with the key contributions from QTeQ former member Laura Mazzola and the group’s Brazilian and Irish collaborators, has been picked as an “Editors’ suggestion”. Only one in six papers published in Phys Rev Lett is selected as Editors’ Suggestions.

The Letter, which reports the first experimental investigation of finite-time thermodynamics in a quantum system, is the fourth one in a row from QTeQ being selected as Editors’ Suggestion, the fourth Letter from the group this year, and embodies a landmark in quantum control in NMR. The work on thermodynamics pursued by QTeQ keeps on attracting international attention and recognition, and is supported by generous grants from the EU project TherMiQ, and the John Templeton Foundation.