Jie passes his viva!

Our own Jie has just passed his viva!!

Congratulations to Dr. Jie, who successfully defended his thesis [Prof. Sougato Bose (UCL) and Prof. Jorge Kohanoff (QUB) as examiners]. According to Prof. Bose, Jie did a wonderful job. The whole QTeQ is proud of Jie and congratulates him on his success. He is the third student to graduate since the new management of QTeQ, after Steve Campbell and Gerard McKeown.

Three years flew, really. Jie has been a fantastic student and a friend. He will now enjoy some relaxing time in his China (doing a bit of Physics in Prof. C. P. Sun’s group) and will then seek greener scientific pastures.

Everybody, and Mauro in particular, will miss Jie and his witty sense of humour. The group wishes him a prompt coming back for a pint and more collaborations.

QTeQ paper in Nature Communications!

Great news for the group and Carlo in particular! His paper written in collaboration with the experimental quantum optics team at POSTECH (South Korea) and M.S. Kim (Imperial College, UK) has been published online today in Nature Communications.

The paper reports on the experimental simulation, on a table-top linear optics setup, of a bidimensional quantum random walk that integrates the counterintuitive features of a “delayed-choice” experiment with the peculiar statistical properties of quantum walks. Have a look at the details of the experiment from

Y.-C. Jeong, et al. “Experimental realization of a delayed-choice quantum walk”, Nature Commun. 4 (2013)

Many congratulations to Carlo for this achievement! Ad maiora!!