QTeQ’s review paper on hybrid optomechanics

A review paper on the activity of the group (and collaborators) in the field of hybrid quantum optomechanics has appeared last week on the Arxiv:

B. Rogers, N. Lo Gullo, G. De Chiara, G. M. Palma, and M. Paternostro, “Hybrid Optomechanics for quantum technologies”, arXiv:1402.1195

The paper showcases the contributions given to the emerging field of hybrid optomechanics with the proposal of BEC-enhanced optomechanical devices, the use of optimal control techniques for the steering of the dynamics of mechanical systems, and the engineering of non-classical mechanical states by means of spin-mediated mechanisms.

This is an invited submission to the new journal “Quantum Measurements and Quantum Metrology“, which will be open-access for the whole 2014. We hope that this review will be a useful tool for anyone intending to approach this area.