Lorenzo comes back with a bang!

Lorenzo Fusco, Master student at Universita’ di Palermo and friend of the family, will be back for 6 months starting from 1 August 2013 under a PERFEST bursary. Congrats, Lorenzo, and wellcome back home!!

Fazal publishes a paper in Phys Rev A

Our Fazal Badshah, who is a PhD student at PIEAS (Islamabad), and is visiting QTeQ for 8 months under a studentship awarded by the Pakistani Higher Education Commission (International Research Support Initiative Program), has just published a research paper (written in collaboration with his supervisor Prof. Shahid Qamar) in Phys. Rev. A. Congratulations to Fazal!

Details on the study can be found in

F. Badshah, M. Irfan, S. Qamar, and Sh. Qamar, Phys. Rev. A 87, 012312 (2013)