QUB secures €3 million funding on quantum internet

An investment of €3 million has been announced to investigate technologies that will form the foundations of a quantum internet.

Experts at Queen’s University Belfast will play a key role in the CoQREATE (Convergent Quantum Research Alliance in Telecommunications) US-Ireland R&D Partnership, which has been allocated the funding boost. The programme is a joint research and development partnership between the United States of America, Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, spanning four large Research Centres and will fund at least ten research positions. It will be co-funded by the US National Science Foundation, Science Foundation Ireland, and the Northern Ireland Department for the Economy.

Link to the full article: https://www.qub.ac.uk/News/Allnews/2022/3million-funding-for-CoQREATE.html

Informational Steady States and Conditional Entropy Production in Continuously Monitored Systems in PRX Quantum!
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