Discovering Chinese Family Names and Dialects

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我们也欢迎华人社群以外的个人如中文学习/使用者(特别是有正式中文名字的朋友)来参与此次调查,在相应的问题栏下 (问题1,2,5,6,7) 用英文填写信息。


Discovering Chinese Family Names and Dialects at QUB and elsewhere in Northern Ireland

This cultural survey is part of the programme for 2023 Chinese New Year Celebrations (CNY) at Queen’s. It invites Chinese-speaking staff members, students from Queen’s University, and members of the public who identify themselves with Chinese origin (e.g. early immigrants) to tell us their Chinese names and the dialects they speak. We hope to collect Chinese names with a focus on a variety of Chinese family names and the richness of the dialects they speak. The survey is to be filled in Chinese.

For members of non-Chinese speaking communities who have been learning/using Chinese, esp. who have a Chinese name, you are more than welcome to share with us your information (in English) in the corresponding section (Q1, Q2, Q5, Q6, Q7) as well.

The participation is voluntary and we will publish/present the result (family names and dialects only) on the Chinese@QUB Blog in due course. The cut-off date for this survey is the CNY date (Sunday 22nd January 2023).

3 thoughts on “Discovering Chinese Family Names and Dialects

  1. 我姓汪,属于满族一个大姓,说普通话比较多,在成都很多年也会四川方言。中国的众多传统节日里,最喜欢过的就是春节和端午节啦。春节是阖家团圆,但更喜欢端午节的各种活动,类似包粽子和采艾蒿。

  2. 我姓扶,满族。方言是白话和客家话。节日习俗随广东(父)或东北(母)的习俗,主要根据年在哪里过。

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