Welcome to Queen’s

A snapshot from Queen’s University homepage

With new students’ arrival and returning students back to Queen’s, the campus is full of welcomes and smiles – although social distance should still be maintained. The first charted airplane from Beijing to Belfast in ready on its way, due to departure in the evening on the 18th Sept. Let’s wish them a smooth and pleasant journey!

How to say ‘welcome’ in Chinese?

Photo taken at the Belfast City Airport. The welcome board displays multilingual expressions of ‘Welcome’ messages. However, some messages, including Chinese, are hardly visible due to background colour. Image@ Liang Wang.

So, to say ‘welcome’ in Chinese, one would at least say the word ‘欢迎’ twice to demonstrate a real welcoming atmosphere, plus a smiling face, and perhaps shaking hands in formal and business contexts. One seldom hugs or kisses to welcome people in the Chinese culture.

How to say ‘Welcome to Queen’s University Belfast!’, then?

The gate and The Lanyon Building of Queen’s University Belfast. Image@QUB

Now that you know how to say ‘welcome’ – 欢迎, the order of the message is exactly the same as in English in this expression. Let’s learn a few more vocabulary, including Queen’s in Chinese.

  • 来 (lái) – to come
  • 女王 (nǚwáng) – queen
  • 大学 (dàxué) – university
  • 贝尔法斯特 (Bèi’ěrfǎsītè) – Belfast

Queen’s University Belfast (Queen’s in a known context) has its Chinese equivalence, which is called 贝尔法斯特女王大学. It can be further shortened as 女王大学 in the local context. Therefore, put together, the whole expression can be 欢迎来(贝尔法斯特)女王大学!

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