QTeQ on retreat!!!

The 2018 QTeQ retreat kicked off this morning with the welcome by one of the organisers, Helena Majury, and a talk by Ricardo Puebla on quantum simulation! The programme continues with Andre’ talking of quantum gravity, Oussama discussing of state-engineering in optomechanics, and Obinna illustating his quantum thermodynamic results.

The group will get together for two days, benefiting of the input by visitors Matteo Carlesso and Alessio Belenchia, both presenting as friends-of-the-family and future members of the team (Alessio).

The organisers, Helena Majury, Christine Cartwright, and Hannah McAleese, have put together a programme of scientific talks, poster presentations, and group activities aimed at informing the group of all the different research strands within QTeQ, and strengthening the ties among its members.

Many thanks to Christine, Hannah and Helena

A whole bunch of new QTeQ members
QTeQ awarded Leverhulme Trust Grant!