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Whilst May-June is a busy and bustling season with exams and essay deadlines, it is also fleshed out with more exciting events such as the Development Weeks programme and the Chinese Cinema Season.

Today, we are delighted to introduce you to a student-led event from the Queen’s Sport Active Campus programme – Introduction to Chinese Kung Fu – to help relax your body and refresh your mind while combating the heavy workload.

May be an image of 1 person and text that says "QUEEN'S UNIVERSITY BELFAST QUEEN'S SPORT INTRODUCTIONT CHINESE KUNG FU Open to all levels! 4 WEEK COURSE Sunday 15TH May June TIME: 2-3pm LOCATION: Minor Hall Sign up through the Queen's Sport App or MS Forms."
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Kungfu (功夫 gōngfū), or Wushu (武术 wǔshù), is an ancient form of Chinese martial arts, as well as a full-contact sport. It started off just as a warmup for military exercises and became a military subject in earlier days. In contemporary times it is seen as a way of self-defence and physical fitness, and it has been officially recognised as an international sport.

From 15th May to 5th June, these four Sunday sessions are provided free for QUB staff, students and wider public members to get a taste of the charm of Chinese martial arts and to appreciate its artistic performance with diversified functions that are handy for all to learn to practise. The taster sessions also aim to help people to demystify Chinese martial arts culture through exercising their mental and physical reaction abilities.

Registration is now open and you are required to secure a place due to capacity.

About the coach

  • SHUAI Qi (帅琪), MSc candidate in Management from Queen’s University Management School
  • Born and brought up in a family of Chinese Wushu tradition
  • Champions of Wushu competitions at different levels
  • Registered national athlete
  • Rich experience in coaching at various levels both in China and elsewhere

I took the Chinese Kungfu Champion of Jiangxi province in 2016. Born and brought up in a family of Wushu tradition, I have started practising martial arts under my father’s supervision when I was five years old. I began to teach martial arts in a local kindergarten when I attended a middle school. Then I founded my first martial arts club in my high school. When I went to my university I taught some international students Chinese martial arts.

I enjoy making friends through sharing the culture of martial arts, and I also hope that I can promote Chinese martial arts among my international friends at Queen’s.

Shuai, qi

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