‘Discovering Thomas Moore’ exhibition and launch of ERIN website

On this, the 240th- anniversary of Moore’s birth, we are pleased to announce a forthcoming exhibition, ‘Discovering Thomas Moore: Ireland in nineteenth-century Europe’, which will be held at the Royal Irish Academy for six months from 17th June 2019. This exhibition is a co-operative venture between the Royal Irish Academy and Special Collections and Archives at Queen’s University Belfast. ERIN’s on-line resource – including the previously inaccessible database-catalogue – will be launched at this exhibition, with computer terminals as part of the display. In autumn 2019 a series of lectures at the Royal Irish Academy will complement the exhibition. For further information see: https://www.ria.ie/discovering-thomas-moore-ireland-nineteenth-century-europe-0

Peri descending to fallen hero. Lithograph by Henry Warren, inspired by Thomas Moore’s ‘Paradise and the Peri’. Published by Day & Son, 1860. Image courtesy of Special Collections, Queen’s University Belfast.

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  1. I am Chairperson of The Tom Moore Society and Artistic Director/ Secretary of the Irish Byron Society.
    Our HQ is United Arts Club, D2

  2. I’ll be teaching Thomas Moore’s Irish Melodies in the second semester (2019-2020)
    (cf. here https://docenti.unicatt.it/ppd2/it/#/it/docenti/03272/enrico-reggiani/didattica)
    My best wishes for the happiest and most fruitful 2020 possible to you and all you love.
    Prof. Enrico Reggiani
    Full Professor (English Literature; Musical Languages in Historical Perspective)
    Coordinatore Gruppo AQ Attività Formative – Presidio di Qualità di Ateneo
    Direttore Studium Musicale di Ateneo Note d’InChiostro
    Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
    Largo Gemelli 1 – 20123 Milano
    Tel. +39-02-72343628 (diretto)
    Tel. +39-02-72342920 (segreteria)
    UC personal page: http://docenti.unicatt.it/ita/enrico_reggiani/

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