The McClay Library Expansion Project – June 2019 Update

This is the latest in a series of regular updates planned for the 2018-19 academic year which will keep you informed on progress of the McClay Library Phase 3 expansion project.

The project is progressing well and moving into several new areas of the Library. Further details are provided below:

Student Lounge

Work in this area will start on 24 June. A hoarding will be erected to shield students from ongoing work and the size of the space will be reduced as a result. Access to some of the vending machines and one of the water filters will be maintained. However, there will be no toilet facilities in this area.  

Special Collections

Work on the extension to the Special Collections store will necessitate contractor access via staircase 1 and the Special Collections Reading Room. As a result, Special Collections readers will be relocated to the Special Collections Seminar Room over the summer period.   

Language Teaching Room

This room will be unavailable from 24 June – over the summer it will be used by contractors as an access route to the student lounge area. However, the Language Resource Room at the bottom of the atrium will remain available.

Replacement Book Return Sorter

The book return sorter is due to be replaced this summer as the existing equipment is at end of life. The installation project will take place between 24 June and 6 July. During this period, only manual book returns via the Borrower Services desk on the ground floor will be possible.  

While we will do our utmost to minimise any disruption (and particularly disruptive work will be completed out of hours or carried out as early in the morning as possible), please note that this is a major building project so there may be some background noise. 

If you have any particular feedback or questions, please contact:

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