Upgrade of UK Data Service systems

The UK Data Service website will be undergoing an upgrade to their systems from Thursday 23rd August until Wednesday 29th August inclusive.

Some parts of the current website, account area and data catalogue will be unavailable.

UK Data Service recommends that you download or request any data that you need before 22nd August.

Normal services are expected to resume on 30th August 2018.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

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Taylor & Francis e-journal problem – resolved

The problem connecting to the full text of Taylor & Francis e-journals is now resolved.

We apologise for the inconvenience.

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Keep up-to-date with Cochrane reviews via its new app

You can now keep up to date with the latest Cochrane Systematic Reviews via the new Cochrane Library app. Simply download the free app from your App store to Google Play.

The app presents the Cochrane Library monthly issues featuring a hand-picked selection of their Systematic reviews in a convenient, easy to navigate format which provides you with relevant, accessible research, when you need it, from the world’s leading experts in evidence-informed health care. Other features include:-

• downloadable format for reading offline
• a bookmark feature allowing you to create your own special collection of Cochrane Reviews across issues
• a link from the abridged version on the app to the full version of the review available on the Cochrane Library

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The Cochrane Library is changing

The Cochrane Library has been redesigned and enhanced to improve user experience and functionality. The new site will be launched on Tuesday 7th August 2018 and it is planned that the transition will be smooth but the Cochrane Library have given the following advice to existing users:-
1. We strongly recommend not using the saved search function from 00:01 GMT on Monday 6th August 2018 until 23:59 GMT on Tuesday 7th August. Changes saved during this period may not be transferred to the new site.
2. Saved searches can be run on the current Cochrane Library site right up to the time that it is shut down; however as noted above any changes made during the transfer period may not be transferred to the new site.
3. All saved searches will be transferred automatically to the new Cochrane Library site, with no further action required by users.
4. During the transfer period, all other features of the Cochrane Library, including searching, viewing articles and running searches will be available. It is only the save function that will be affected.
If you have any problems with saved searches after launch of the new site contact cs-cochrane@wiley.com and specify that you are a saved search user.

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World Newspaper Archive trial: August 2018

World newspapers

As part of a wider review of historical newspaper archives available to Queen’s students and staff, the Library has arranged a trial of World Newspaper Archive . This collection features searchable digital replicas of historical newspapers published in Africa, Latin America, and South Asia. It also includes 19th- and 20th-century newspapers published in English and a variety of other languages.

The trial will run during the month of August 2018. Please click on the links below for access:

WNA: African Newspapers 1800-1922 & WNA: African Newspapers, Series II: 1835-1925

WNA: Latin American Newspapers (Series I) & WNA: Latin American Newspapers (Series II)

WNA: South Asian Newspapers 1864-1922

To help us judge the quality of this resource please send feedback to: deborah.sherlock@qub.ac.uk

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SpringerProtocols.com Deactivated

From the 25th July, the SpringerProtocols.com platform is no longer accessible.  You can, however, search for SpringerProtocols content via Springer Nature Experiments.

Springer Nature Experiments is an extensive online collection of molecular biology and biomedical protocols enabling researchers to recreate experiments in their laboratory. They provide predefined written procedural methods in the design and implementation of experiments including bias, safety, equipment, statistical methods and reporting. The Protocols are taken from established sources such as Methods in Molecular Biology, Methods in Biotechnology and Methods in Molecular Medicine.

You can access Springer Nature Experiments to search for Springer Protocols via the QUB Library at the following link https://encore.qub.ac.uk/iii/encore_qub/record/C__Re1000385

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Ruth Fulton Benedict Papers

Approximately 8,000 pages from the Ruth Fulton Benedict Archive (held at the Vassar College Archive) have been digitized, including notes from various field expeditions to the American Southwest in the 1930s. The Ruth Benedict Papers are now freely available to the public.

You can find further information and a link to this collection in the new Open Access Resources section of the Anthropology LibGuide.

Ruth Benedict

Ruth Benedict


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Customer Service Excellence Accreditation

Library Services have been undertaking the Customer Service Excellence accreditation since 2015, and we have been successful in achieving this standard every year since. This year has been no different, and after the assessor visit on 13th March, Library Services can announce another successful accreditation.

Customer Service Excellence is an independent accreditation of the quality and standard of our customer care, and covers all aspects of our engagement with our customers, from front-line and face-to-face support, to liaison and communication, and how we engage with customers in developing our services and strategy.

Library Services would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone involved in helping us achieve this standard, whether you are a customer, a partner in the service we provide or a member of library staff. When we have asked you to complete surveys or provide us with feedback, you have done this, and this has meant that we can use your feedback and comments as a driver for continuous improvement. Some of you may met the assessor when he visited the McClay Library on 13th March, and again we would like to thank you for taking the time to speak to him, highlighting what we do well, and what we don’t get right.

Moving on from this, Library Services are starting to look forward to next year’s assessment and striving to perform better, seek feedback from our customer base and enhance your experience of using the Library.

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Beck Online: German, wider European and International law in the QUB Library

The library holds a key resource for German, wider European and International law? Check out Beck Online on the library catalogue. Beck Online gives full text access to primary sources of German law with substantial additional commentary (in German). The following modules are included: Arbeitsrecht Premium; Europarecht Plus; Gewerblicher Rechtsschutz Plus; Handels- und Gesellschaftsrecht Plus; Zivilrecht Plus.

English journals include the Journal of European Consumer and Market Law – EuCML, International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law [IIC] and the International Insolvency Law Review [IILR] – 2010 – 2016.

Please contact the AHSS subject team for further details.

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Using a social networking site versus using an institutional repository

research portal blog

Many researchers share their work online through social networking sites such as Academia.edu or ResearchGate. These sites are extremely useful and allow researchers to create their own profiles, promote their work and connect with other researchers.

However, you may wish to consider depositing your work in an institutional repository instead of, or as well as, a social networking site and here are some reasons why:

  • If you add a research paper to the Queen’s Institutional Repository (Research Portal), the Open Access (OA) Team will verify the bibliographic details and add any necessary embargos or copyright information, legally required by the publisher, to your papers. If you add a paper to a social networking site you alone are responsible for investigating and adhering to the terms of your copyright transfer agreement. Publishers have, in the past, issued take down notices to users of social networking sites asking them to remove documents that infringed copyright. Notably, Elsevier took legal action against Academia.edu in 2013 and ResearchGate in 2017 over the issue of sharing full-text publications.
  • From 01 April 2018 if you want your article or published conference paper to be considered for REF2021, you need to ensure that an accepted manuscript is posted in a subject or institutional repository within 3 months of acceptance (previously within 3 months of publication). Sites like Academia.edu and ResearchGate are not considered to be institutional or subject repositories.
  • Queen’s is committed to making research open access where possible. There is an OA Team and an OA Policy in place, to enable researchers to do this. Pure, the database behind the Queen’s institutional repository, facilitates transparency, interoperability, the re-use of data and long-term preservation; whereas there are no such guarantees with social networking sites.
  • Academia.edu and ResearchGate are both commercial sites and neither is affiliated to an academic organisation. They both have more similarities to Facebook or Twitter than they do to institutional repositories. Queen’s Research Portal is a non-profit repository.
  • Social networking sites can use aggressive marketing strategies, often sending mass emails or unsolicited invitations to your co-authors. The Queen’s Open Access Team will only contact you regarding research that you have uploaded to the repository, for the purposes of support and enhancing your record.

To find out more about the pros and cons of using both social networking sites and open access repositories see http://osc.universityofcalifornia.edu/2015/12/a-social-networking-site-is-not-an-open-access-repository/

If you need more information on open access at Queen’s, please see our webpages, email us at openaccess@qub.ac.uk or follow us on Twitter.



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