Charity Open Access Fund (COAF) is now exhausted

The University’s COAF Open Access Block Grant for 2018/19 is now exhausted.

Queen’s is one of 36 UK universities and research institutes that receives an annual open access block grant allocation to meet the cost of article processing charges (APC’s) for research articles funded by the charities below:

The Open Access Team anticipates that the University will receive its 2019/20 COAF allocation in October 2019. Until then, we would advise all COAF funded researchers to consult their research funders’ open access policy to ensure they are complying with their requirements.

In most cases it is possible for COAF funded authors to comply with their funders’ policy by depositing their accepted manuscript in Europe PMC (must be freely available no later than six months after the date of publication)

If you have any questions regarding this restriction please email

For further information on ‘gold’ open access funding please visit the Open Access webpages.

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