Library Services Customer Satisfaction Survey 2017 – You Said, We Did

Thank you to everyone who responded to the 2017 Library Services Customer Satisfaction Survey just before Christmas. The focus of the survey was on overall satisfaction, speed of service delivery, quality of staff interactions, etc. and was sent to a 20% sample of staff, students and other Library user groups.

An average response rate of 9.8% was achieved across all user groups and we are very grateful to all those who took the time to respond. The survey results indicate that the Library is very positively perceived by a high percentage of its users.

144 survey respondents left comments and those about Library staff were overwhelmingly positive. The environment, services and resources were the main source of more negative comments.

As a result of the survey:

  1. A review will be undertaken to consider, among other topics, survey timing – e.g. moving the survey to spring each year when first year students will have had more time to become familiar with the range of library services.
  2. Library Services will continue to work to maintain and improve the quality of the library environment. In particular, the McClay Library Phase 3 development project which will commence in spring 2018 and run until autumn 2019 will deliver over 300 additional study seats and 10 additional group study rooms.
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