How much can I borrow? – You Said, We Did!

Last semester as part of the Book Availability Survey 2015, we asked you about

  • the number of books you could borrow
  • how long you could borrow them for
  • the number of times you could renew your books
  • 1 week loans

Thank you to everyone who responded and we have made the following changes or commitments.

Over 50% of undergraduate students agreed that the number of books that could be borrowed met their needs. However comments indicated that some students find 10 standard or 1 week loan books are not enough to cover their needs.
You said…you wanted to be able to borrow more books.
We…increased the number of books that an undergraduate can borrow from 10 to 15.

The same frustration was felt by Taught Postgraduate students.
We…increased the number of books that a taught postgraduate student can borrow from 20 to 25.

The vast majority of respondents felt that the length of time that an item could be borrowed for was adequate to meet their needs.
We…have made no change to this but will continue to keep it under review. Changes have been made to short loan material.

You said…that you were confused about the 1 week loan type.
We…will undertake a specific review of 1 week loans in 2015-16 to see how well they work.

Some dissatisfaction was identified with the number of renewals allowed.
You said…you wanted to be able to renew items more than 5 times.
We …cannot change this at this time but will continue to keep it under review. We will promote the reservation, recall and renewal system throughout 2015-16.

Further information on how much you can borrow can be found here.

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