Short Loan – NEW Loan Periods NEW Fine Rates [ You said, We did ]

Student Short Loan Survey 2015               The Outcome

Last Semester we carried out a major survey to find out what students think about the Short Loan Collection in The McClay Library.

We got a huge response and have taken onboard everything you said.                                    As a result of your feedback, we have made big changes to the loan periods and fines.

You asked for more convenient and flexible return times                                                       You dislike having to return books by 10 o’clock on a Monday morning                           We abolished specific return times                                                                                      All Short Loan books can now be returned at any time of the day or night on the due date.

 You said fines accumulate too quickly                                                                                      You think the overdue charges are confusing                                                                                  We abolished the hourly fine rate                                                                                    The hourly fine rate has been replaced by a daily charge. The fine for the late return of all Short Loan items (1– Night, 2-Night and 7-Night) is now the same — £2.50 per item per day.

You asked for books in very heavy demand to be available for use only in the Library You said it’s difficult to get hold of recommended texts in time to meet deadlines          We created a Short Loan Reference category                                                                → A small number of books cannot be borrowed—they are only for use in the Short Loan area.

You said the 1-Night Loan period is too short                                                                           We discontinued 1-Night book loans                                                                                → The 1-Night books can now be borrowed for 3 days (2 nights).                                                Note that although DVDs and videos can only be borrowed for one night they may be returned at any time the following day.

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