South Belfast DUP MLA Jimmy Spratt has condemned the comments made by Dame Nuala O’Loan in which she claimed Protestants had been “taught as children that they could not trust Catholics”. Commenting after receiving calls from outraged constituents, Jimmy Spratt said:
“Nuala O’Loan’s comments have caused great offence within the Protestant community. To slur the entire Protestant population in the way she has is entirely unacceptable. As someone who previously held a very sensitive public post one would expect better behaviour from a past Police Ombudsman. It is entirely untrue for Mrs. O’Loan to claim she was untrusted because of her religion. She was not trusted because of her bias.
For many this latest outburst will come as no surprise considering Mrs. O’Loan’s track record. Her bigoted comment highlights why for many within the Protestant and Unionist family, she was an inappropriate appointment as Police Ombudsman. Thankfully now that era is over, and such sectarian baggage is no longer a factor in the Ombudsman’s office.
It seems that generalisations of sectarianism against the Protestant community are becoming common. We all remember the disgraceful sectarianism Mary McAleese indulged in when comparing Protestants to Nazi’s. Such comments are false and must cease immediately.
Sectarianism is a major problem in our society. Self-indulgent nonsense such as this from nationalists does nothing to help create a shared future. Nuala O’Loan should apologise immediately and without any caveats for her disgusting outburst.”

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