DUA Membership Continues to Expand

The Democratic Unionist Association held a recruitment stall recently in the Students’ Union of Queen’s University. This venture proved to be very successful, with over 20 new students joining our ranks.

The success of this event and other recent recruitment initiatives are a further indication of the current mood within Unionism. Both at Queen’s and in the rest of Northern Ireland, young unionists are voting with their feet and backing the DUP.

DUA Members Attend Burns Night Dinner

Over a dozen DUA members attend a special Burns Night Dinner on Friday 18th January 2008 as guests of DUP Mayor of Castlereagh Councillor Myreve Chambers. The Ulster-Scots evening was held in La Mon Hotel and County Club with all proceeds going to the Mayor’s charity Cancer Research UK.

Some members pictured with Mayor of Castlereagh Myreve Chambers, Jimmy Spratt MLA and Peter Weir MLA.