North Antrim DUP Assembly Member Mervyn Storey has congratulated Northern Ireland’s A-level students on outperforming their counterparts on the mainland yet again. Figures released by the CCEA showed that 35.4% of Northern Ireland pupils gained an A grade compared to the 25.9% overall figure for the mainland. Mervyn Storey said:
“To those pupils who achieved the grades they wanted I wish to offer my hearty congratulations and to those who didn’t get the results they expected I would urge them not to panic. School careers advisors and further education institutions are well-equipped to help at this time.
Once again we see that Northern Ireland is leading the way when it comes to educational attainment. The Province has many fine secondary and grammar schools and this is reflected in this years excellent A-level results. What these results also show is the importance of protecting those parts of the education sector which are delivering top results whilst at the same time focusing our attention to those parts which are not doing so well. Northern Ireland needs a truly holistic education system which caters for all of our children and ensures they get the best possible education.
Blanket solutions such as banning academic selection will not work. The DUP is working to achieve an education system which is tailored to suit the needs of every child and which will continue to deliver first-class results such as these well into the future.”

Mervyn Storey is the Chairman of the Assembly Education Committee

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