Ulster Speaks: “DUP the team to lead for Ulster at Westminster”

May 6th has been and gone and Northern Ireland’s electorate have spoken. The DUP is still the overwhelming choice for Unionist voters and has successfully returned 8 seats to Westminster (including two new MPs) with a very solid and strong performance.

Queen’s University DUA would like to congratulate the following DUP MPs on their very successful results:

Congratulations to;

Nigel Dodds MP, Ian Paisley Jr MP, Sammy Wilson MP, Jim Shannon MP, David Simpson MP, William McCrea MP, Jeffrey Donaldson MP, and Gregory Campbell MP!

The DUP continues to keep Northern Ireland moving forward and it is abundantly clear that the DUP’s option of political stability and a United, Strong Unionism is the preferred choice for the people of Northern Ireland. Others, who offered nothing with their negative, backward, divided politics have failed. They are clearly not what the people of Northern Ireland want, and these results prove that.

The DUP will continue to deliver at Local Council, Stormont, Europe and Westminster to get the best deal for all of the people of Ulster.

The DUP is still officially the voice for the people of Northern Ireland and is the team unanimously chosen to lead for Ulster at Westminster.

The DUP will continue to “Keep Northern Ireland Moving Forward!”