DUA Election Success!

Congratulations to all DUA members who have been elected to the Students’ Representative Council of the Queen’s Students’ Union. Thanks to those who put in a huge effort and ensured an increase in our share of seats!

We have also been successful in having members elected as the first ever DUA Councillors on the Stranmillis University College Students’ Council. Congratulations!


South Belfast DUP MLA Jimmy Spratt has welcomed the decision by Queen’s University to withdraw an invitation to Dr. Nitscke, a so called euthanasia expert, who had been scheduled to give a lecture at the University on Sunday. Commenting, Mr. Spratt said:
“Initially I was very disappointed and angry that a Professor at Queen’s saw fit to issue an invitation to Dr. Nitscke, the infamous ‘Dr. Death’. The University has a duty to act in the best interests of the student population, and I find no benefit whatsoever to the education of students by the visit of such a character.
Dr. Nitscke openly espouses the idea of suicide and it was expected he would provide information to students on how to put together a ‘suicide kit’. Such information can only be to the detriment of the audience and is extremely dangerous. For a University to host such an event, where such information is made available, would have been reckless in the extreme. Furthermore, euthanasia is illegal in the United Kingdom and should not be promoted in any shape or form.
I contacted senior University staff to outline my concerns and am delighted that the invitation has now been withdrawn. Dr. Nitscke is a particularly dangerous individual and I am glad the University has recognised this. Neither he, nor his message, is welcome in Northern Ireland.
I applaud the swift action of senior management of the University and the wisdom of their decision.”

Another Successful Freshers’ Bazaar

The DUA are happy to report another successful recruitment drive at this year’s Queen’s Freshers’ Bazaar.
Despite a smaller number of students, perhaps due to some confusion with the Bazaar being held over two venues, the Association signed up an increased number of members. We are delighted that among the intake of freshers were a considerable number of postgraduate and mature students.
With a busy and wide-ranging itinerary of events planned for the coming months, we can approach the academic year of 2008-2009 with renewed energy and confidence.
Pictures of the Bazaar will be added shortly.


The Deputy Leader of the Democratic Unionist Party, Nigel Dodds MP MLA has said that the DUP is working with all parties to advance the interests of the Unionist community in Northern Ireland. As he welcomed Conservative MP Christopher Fraser to Stormont, Mr. Dodds pointed out that over the space of the last seven days the DUP has held a meeting at the Conservative Party conference, discussed the future of the education system in Northern Ireland with Michael Gove, the Shadow Schools Minister and held a meeting with the Labour government’s Security Minister Paul Goggins. Nigel Dodds said:
“Unionism is best served by cultivating good relationships and sound working partnerships in all of the political parties represented at Westminster. That has always been the position of the DUP. The practical outworking of our sensible approach has been seen over the course of the last seven days. Not only have we been advancing our position at the Conservative Party conference through holding meetings and lobbying senior Tory figures such as Michael Gove, we have also been participating in our on-going and regular contact with the Labour government via the Security Minister, Paul Goggins.
We are delighted to welcome Christopher Fraser MP to Northern Ireland today. Christopher is a good friend to Unionism, serving alongside Gregory Campbell and Sammy Wilson in the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee. We have a good working relationship with him as with many other members of both the Labour Party and the Conservatives.
As Reg Empey and the UUP slowly but surely back away from the concept of fully merging the UUP with the Conservatives, it has become clear that our approach of cultivating good relationships in both main parties has been entirely vindicated. Aligning Unionism to one single political party would not serve the interests of our community well. We are strong enough, confident enough and have enough friends in both main parties to steer a course that brings maximum benefit to Unionism.”