About Us

The DUA are the youth wing of the Democratic Unionist Party at Queen’s University, Belfast. As the largest political association on campus we provide a unifying force for all those who subscribe to traditional Unionist values.

As well as our primary political role, we also cater for the social needs of our members and organise a wide variety of activities throughout the year.

The Association was formed in 1972 and has seen many future politicians go through its ranks. Past members have been elected to all levels of government including the European Parliament, Westminster, Stormont and Local Councils.

What the Democratic Unionist Association stand for:

UNITY: To provide a unifying force for the pro-Union community at Queen’s

PROMOTE: To promote and advance the interests of Unionism within the University and Students’ Union

EQUALITY: To ensure that all students at Queen’s are treated fairly regardless of religion, race, gender or political opinion

The DUP’s objectives are:

– to secure, uphold and maintain Northern Ireland as an integral part of the United Kingdom

– to impose and maintain the rule of law in Northern Ireland so that all citizens are not only equal under the law but equally subject to it

– to devise and urge a policy of social betterment and equal opportunity for all sections of the community in the economic, educational and social welfare spheres