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Canvas System Update – 16 Jul 2022

These are the latest Canvas system updates that will become available from 16 July 2022. Please click on an update to expand and view the information. If you have any questions please submit a support ticket via the help menu in Canvas.
Please note that system updates are subject to change and may be subsequently updated.   Canvas Deploy Release Updates.

26 Jun 2022: Assignments – Assignment Availability Window Display Update. This update is available for the following Canvas Role: Student.

In Assignments, students view the total time an assignment is available for short availability windows.

This update allows students to view the total availability window of an assignment in hours and minutes when the availability window is 24 hours or less.

Assignment Availability Duration Window

Assignment Availability Duration Window


In Assignments, when an availability window is less than 24 hours, students can view the total assignment availability window in hours and minutes.

Additional Details: Previously for students, an assignment with a short availability window displayed a rounded duration estimate in Assignments. Additionally, the hours and minutes will not display if a student has more than a 24-hour assignment availability window.


06 Jul 2022: Assignments – Individual Student Due Date Override. This update is available for the following Roles: Teacher, Teaching Assistant, Course Designer and Student.

On the Assignments page, individual student due date overrides take priority over section and group due dates on assignments.

This update allows individual student due date overrides to take priority over other due dates to reflect differentiation when multiple due dates apply to a student. The student view displays the most specific differentiated due date.

Assignment Due Dates

Assignment Due Dates


In the Student view, the individual student’s due date takes precedence and is displayed on assignments.

Additional Details: Previously, if a student was given an individual assignment override that was within the date range for a section-specific override, Canvas used the most lenient assigned dates to determine the assignment availability and due date for the student.