Trial of RILM Abstracts of Music Literature with full text October/ November 2016


QUB staff and students now have trial access to RILM Abstracts of Music Literature with full text.  The trial ends 30 November 2016Access is available on-campus only from this link:,uid&custid=ns022249&profile=music&defaultdb=rft

We would be interested in getting your comments and feedback:

RILM Abstracts of Music Literature with full text

RILM Abstracts of Music Literature serves as a comprehensive, ongoing database of publications on music from 178 countries and territories, in 173 languages from Azeh to Zulu, and from the 19th century to the present. Featuring nearly a million bibliographic records, this database includes in-depth vocabulary-controlled indexing and detailed abstract texts, with titles given in both the original language and English translation.


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On your reading list? Not in the Library? Let us know!

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The Library makes every effort to hold the key texts that are on reading lists.

If you are a student, and after checking the Library catalogue, you find the Library does not hold a book title on your reading list then you can submit a request to purchase the book. This can be done by either sending us a book form or emailing the details to your Subject Librarian.

The Librarian responsible for your school will receive the request. If they think it is appropriate and book funds are available they will order the book, however funds are limited and so the Library may not be able to purchase every request. We will get back to you once we’ve received your request and let you know what action is going to be taken.

It can take anything from two weeks to several months for a book to arrive and be available for borrowing so in the meantime you could try the following:

  • check the catalogue to see if another book would be useful. You can search by keyword, author and title.
  • check the Readings Online available for your Module, there may be useful scanned journal articles and book chapters. To access these, just select the relevant Module in Queen’s Online look under ‘Library Links’ and you will see any scanned readings attached to that module.

If you have any further queries about reading lists or Readings Online please contact your subject librarian by clicking on the relevant guide.

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Library sessions for Biological Sciences Postgraduates

If you are a postgraduate student in the School of Biological Sciences, come along to one of the following training sessions in the Medical Biology Centre to learn how to:

  • Find books and e-books using QCat Library Catalogue
  • Use QCat Article Search to connect quickly and easily to full-text articles
  • Use databases to find articles on a particular topic, including Medline, Web of Science and Scopus

Places at this session are limited to 20 QUB students from the School of Biological Sciences.  For details and bookings please click on the training dates below:

Friday, 30th September 2.00pm to 4.00pm

Tuesday, 11th October 2.00pm to 4.00pm

Tuesday, 25th October 2.00pm to 4.00pm

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Incentives to get people to return books 2016 – you said we did

Over the last couple of years we have been talking with student representatives in the Students Union about how to encourage people to return their library books so that they are available for other people. Here are a few changes we have made from their suggestions which we hope will improve your access to books in the Library:

  • You thought that our fines on books which have been recalled were too low and did not encourage people to return them.
    • We raised the fine from 20p to 40p per day
  • You would sometimes miss our emails telling you that a book you have out has been recalled and so got unnecessary fines.
    • We now text recall messages as well as emailing them where possible
  • You said that we took too long to tell you that your books were overdue and so you got more fines.
    • We have shortened the timings. You will now get 3 overdue reminders followed by an invoice over 25 days rather than 50 days
  • You felt that stopping people from borrowing after they owed £10 did not discourage them from getting fines by returning their books late
    • We have changed this block to £5
  • You thought that our notices were not clear enough and too intimidating and so made you worried about coming into the Library with overdue books.
    • We have made our notices easier to understand and will phone or text you when you are going to receive an invoice so that you know how the process works
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Royalties Sampling Exercise

You  may have noticed yellow collection boxes appearing beside printer/copiers in schools and libraries this week. The Copyright Licensing Agency Ltd (CLA) has chosen Queen’s for a royalties sampling exercise taking place during October and is asking anyone photocopying copyright material to leave an identifying page of the book or article copied in the collection box with an added sticker  The information gathered is used as a basis for distributing licence fee revenue to copyright holders.

The sampling only concerns copyright material being photocopied from print sources. The CLA Higher Education Licence allows one chapter from any book to be copied for a module (or 10% of the book); also single journal articles (but not whole journal issues).

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Queen’s University Belfast Submits RCUK Open Access Compliance Report 2015/16

The Library’s Open Access Team has submitted, on behalf of the University, its open access compliance report for 2015/16 to the RCUK.

Queen’s is one of 108 UK research organisations to receive an annual open access block grant from the RCUK. This grant aims to support universities in meeting the requirements of the RCUK Policy on Open Access, in particular meeting the cost of article processing charges (APC) to make articles open access through the publisher.

During the period there was a massive increase in APC spending  in comparison with the previous reporting periods.  A total APC spend of £207,222 enabled 115 papers  to be made open access through a number of publishers.  A further £85,307 was spent on publisher discounts and membership schemes.

A combination of green and gold open access papers gave Queen’s an estimated overall compliance rating of 64%.

The full report can be viewed on Queen’s Research Portal

If your paper has received RCUK funding and you would like further information on the RCUK’s open access requirements and available funding, check out our Open Access LibGuide or email

The RCUK Block Grant  is allocated on a first come, first served basis.

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Problem resolved – Web of Science ‘Advanced Search’

The recent Web of Science ‘Advanced Search’ problem affecting the use of  the proximity operator Near/x has now been resolved.

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Standards of Service 2016-17

The Library has developed a suite of customer-focused service standards and measures our performance against these standards. Our performance during 2015-16 and targets for the year ahead have now been published.

If you have any feedback or comments, please let us know via our Customer Feedback Page.

We are particularly interested to hear if you feel that there are other important areas of service delivery that we should focus on.

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Documents, DOIs and URLs on Pure: what should I add to be REF-ready?

Are you a researcher recently accepted for publication in a journal or a conference proceedings with an ISSN?

If so, you are subject to HEFCE’s new rules requiring the upload of accepted manuscripts to Pure within 3 months of early online publication in order to be eligible for submission to the next REF.

It is important that all researchers understand exactly what is meant by uploading the accepted manuscript.

In each Pure record created, you can use the following button to add files and links:


If you are publishing via the Green Open Access route, use the Add Document button to upload your accepted manuscript to the Pure record and satisfy HEFCE requirements. The accepted manuscript is the finished accepted article, including any changes from peer review, but prior to publisher formatting being applied.

Papers published via the  Gold Open Access route are exempt from the 3 month deposit requirement, but you are still encouraged to upload your final paper via the Add Document button as a best practice and a way of enhancing your online research profile.

You should also add your accepted paper’s unique DOI (Digital Object Identifier) when available. In the absence of a DOI, addition of the abstract page URL is a helpful alternative. Either will point users of the Research Portal towards the online published version of the paper, though full access may be restricted exclusively to the host journal’s subscribers.

In summary, if you want to make sure you’re REF-ready:

-always use ‘Add document/DOI/URL’ and upload your accepted manuscript no later than 3 months after publication.

-for best practice, also use ‘Add document/DOI/URL’ to provide a DOI or URL.

For a step-by step guide to uploading documents to Pure, please visit our Deposit Guide.

If you need more information on open access at Queen’s, please see our webpages, email us at or follow us on Twitter.

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Is my Research Council covered by RCUK Funding for Open Access?

The Research Councils UK (RCUK) is a strategic partnership between the UKs seven Research Councils. Each year they invest around £3 billion in research across all academic disciplines.

In their role of investing public money in research the RCUK is committed to open access to ensure the research they fund is free and open access to the public.  Although the RCUK supports green open access its preference is for the gold route as it offers immediate open access with the maximum opportunity for re-use. To support the gold route RCUK supplies UK Universities with a block grant to cover the Article Processing Charges (APCs). Gold open access means that the published version of a research article is open directly from the journal with no fees to the reader. Some journals require the author to pay an APC to help cover the journal’s costs and ensure the content remains free to the reader.

The RCUK includes the following Research Councils. If your research is funded by one of these you would be eligible to apply for funding from the block grant to make your research open via the gold route:

  • AHRC – Arts and Humanities Research Council
  • BBSRC – Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council
  • EPSRC – Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
  • ESRC – Economic and Social Research Council
  • MRC – Medical Research Council
  • NERC – Natural Environment Research Council
  • STFC – Science and Technology Facilities Council



If you want to avail of this grant you should contact before publication to ensure there are sufficient funds remaining to cover the cost of your article processing charge (APC). For further information on eligibility and whether you meet the criteria please see the our LibGuide

For any further information or questions on open access please email us at

To read the full RCUK Policy on open access visit:

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