MyiLibrary ebooks down time Sat 30th May

There will be no access to ebooks on the MyiLibrary platform from 1pm – 7pm on Saturday 30th May due to essential maintenance.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience that may be caused during this time.

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“The Little Things That Run the World*” – call in and see the new display in the AFBI Library, Newforge

If human beings were to disappear tomorrow, the world would go on with little change. Gaia, the totality of life on Earth, would set about healing itself and return to the rich environmental states of a few thousand years ago. But if invertebrates were to disappear, I doubt that the human species could last more than a few months. Most of the fishes, amphibians, birds, and mammals would crash to extinction about the same time. Next would go the bulk of the flowering plants and with them the physical structure of the majority of the forests and other terrestrial habitats of the world. The earth would rot. As dead vegetation piled up and dried out, narrowing and closing the channels of the nutrient cycles, other complex forms of vegetation would die off, and with them the last remnants of the vertebrates. The remaining fungi, after enjoying a population explosion of stupendous proportions, would also perish. Within a few decades the world would return to the state of a billion years ago, composed primarily of bacteria, algae, and a few other very simple multi-cellular plants.

*The Little Things That Run the World (The Importance and Conservation of Invertebrates)

Edward O. Wilson Conservation Biology
Vol. 1, No. 4 (Dec., 1987), pp. 344-346

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Trial access to The Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection

Queen’s University Belfast has set up trial access to The Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection until the end of 2015. This collection provides access to over 1,500 online seminar style talks presented by many of the world’s leading experts, including a number of Nobel Laureates.

Access is via QCat Library Catalogue at  If you have any feedback or comments about this resource, please contact

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Your guide to RCUK Open Access funding

Are you RCUK funded?

RCUK requires that all peer-reviewed journal articles and conference papers resulting from RCUK funding must be made publicly available via Open Access. This must be done via either the Green or Gold route.

If you choose the Gold route, you may be eligible for funding to cover the cost of Open Access fees (Article Processing Charges or APCs) charged by publishers. The Library’s Open Access Team administers a block grant from the RCUK to help support you in meeting these costs.

Funds from the block grant are now allocated on a first come, first served basis. You should contact before publication to ensure that there are sufficient funds to cover the cost of your Article Processing Charge.

The Open Access Team will be happy to advise you on whether you fully meet the necessary criteria for Block Grant funding, and on how to complete the RCUK Open Access Publication Fund Application.

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Less used Oxford Scholarship ebooks to be withdrawn

In October last year we acquired limited-term ebook access to a wide range of Oxford Scholarship titles from the Oxford University Press. This followed from a commitment we made to purchase 100 or so of the most used titles for permanent access.

On Wednesday this week (13th May) we will lose access to the full range of Oxford Scholarship titles and switch to access to the 100 or so most used titles. We will retain access to these along with any OUP titles already purchased outside the arrangement.

Catalogue records for the less used titles will be withdrawn Wednesday – these are books which has 12 or fewer accesses from the period from October 2015. If you were using any of the the withdrawn titles, please contact your subject librarian. It may well be possible to purchase the title either as a print or ebook.

Apologies for the short notice on the withdrawal of the less used titles – we had a verbal assurance that access would be held open until the end of the month, though the original agreement expired at the end of April.

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British Newspapers Parts III & IV – Trial Access Available Now

british-newspapers-1600-1950-bannerStaff and students have trial access to the Cengage/British Library British Newspapers Part III & IV.  The new parts will be integrated into our existing subscription to Part I & II and available until 29/05/2015.

To access please follow this link:

Full details of the new parts are available here

The library is interested in hearing your views on this resource – please let us know by completing a short questionnaire.

Please contact Diarmuid Kennedy with any questions or comments.

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Databases & RefWorks Training for Medicine, Health & Life Sciences Postgraduates

The Medical Library is running a series of training sessions for MHLS Postgraduates.

Learn more about the sessions, and book yourself a place, by clicking the dates below.

The ‘Big 4’ Databases: MEDLINE, EMBASE, Web of Science & Scopus

27 May 2015   10 am –1 pm

10 June 2015   10 am –1 pm

24 June 2015   10 am –1 pm

RefWorks: reference management made easy

3 June 2015     10 –11.30 am

17 June 2015   10 –11.30 am

1 July 2015      10 –11.30 am

Venue for all sessions: Training Room G.40, Medical Library, Mulhouse Building (RVH)

Places at each training session are strictly limited to 8 MHLS Postgraduate students.

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Are you choosing the right journal for post-2014 REF compliance?

As HEFCE has mandated Green Open Access for the next REF, it is important to choose the right journal for you.

Most journals from major publishers permit authors to deposit an accepted manuscript version (post-print) of their article into an institutional repository and make it open access (known as ‘green open access’), therefore complying with the HEFCE policy.


  • Read the copyright transfer/publication agreement the journal offers you at acceptance. This should detail the journal’s open access policy. Look for keywords such as ‘open access’ ‘self-archiving’ or ‘embargo’ to help you find the relevant information about open access.
  • Check the SHERPA/RoMEO database for information about your journal. If the journal is compliant, it will have a green tick mark next to ‘Author’s post-print’.

If you click on the links next to ‘Copyright’ you can explore the copyright policies of the publisher further. This can include any embargos that might apply and further terms and conditions for self-archiving.

  • If you are still unsure, contact for advice. We are happy to investigate the journal’s policy for you.

There is a dedicated Open Access Team  available to assist you and lots of help and advice on the Library webpages. For further information or assistance, contact the Open Access Team; we are here to help:

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Wireless Campus Project

A state-of-the-art wireless service is being rolled out to all areas of the campus. The £1.93m Wireless Campus Project will be mostly completed by December 2015, with over 2,000 new wireless access points installed.
The project is part of the University’s commitment to provide world-class facilities for its staff and students, and will enable users to have anytime, anywhere access to the resources they need and to work flexibly across the campus.
Details of the project, including timescales, can be found here. These web pages will be updated as the project progresses.

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Access to Library Services

This problem has now been resolved.

Apologies for the problems with Library Services off-campus. Our colleagues are working to resolve these as quickly as possible and we will keep you informed via our blog, Facebook and twitter.

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