There are various templates to use if you are presenting research at a conference and wish to upload a record to Pure. This is a brief guide on choosing the correct template.

Chapter in Book/Report/Conference Proceeding – Conference contribution:


  • Use this template if the paper presented at a conference has been published as an article in a Conference Proceedings.
  • The Proceedings publication will usually have an ISSN or ISBN and publication date.
  • Include the title of the Proceedings publication in the host publication field.
  • It is helpful if the conference details (e.g. title, location, date) are added in the event field.

Contribution to Conference


  • Use this template if you have presented a Paper, Poster, Abstract or Other Contribution at a conference but it is not published in a Proceedings.
  • Select the template (e.g. paper) which best reflects your research output.
  • An event can be added to give details of the conference attended.
  • If possible it is helpful if a URL link to the conference, conference programme or abstract is added.
  • Once the research has been presented it can be marked as published.
  • If you are uploading a record that is for a conference that has not yet happened mark it as ‘In Press’.

If you upload a record and the Open Access Team feels a different conference template would enhance the record we will make this change and notify you via an automatic message. If you wish to discuss this change please contact the Open Access team.

There is a dedicated Open Access Team who are here to help with any queries you may have.

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LibGuides Upgrade

Updated 28.7.2015 To clear your cache, in Internet Explorer 11, click the gear wheel in the top right of your window, choose Safety, then Delete browsing history.

Make sure that the Preserve Favorites website checkbox is unchecked and that Temporary Internet files and website files, Cookies and website data checkboxes are checked as shown below, then click the Delete button.

Clear Cache

Updated 27.7.2015 If you have cleared your cache and you still do not see the page below when you visit LibGuides, you may need to refresh the page. This issue appears to be due to network caching and we expect that it will be resolved within 24 hours.

We have upgraded our LibGuides pages. We have a fresh new look and you can expect to see neat new features soon but you can still find all the information you need on searching library resources. If you don’t see the page below you may need to clear your browser cache. If you experience any difficulty using the pages please contact your Subject Librarian.LibGuides V2

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University Archive Catalogue now available on line

The Queen’s University Archive is the institutional archive of the Queen’s University of Belfast, the arrangement of the archive collection reflects the history and functions of Queen’s. The Queen’s University of Belfast was established in 1845 as Queen’s College Belfast, it was one of three Queen’s Colleges in Ireland created at that time, the others being in Cork and Galway.

 The Queen’s Colleges did not have the authority to award degrees, those students who attended Queen’s College Belfast obtained their degrees from the Queen’s University in Ireland from 1850-1882 and the Royal University of Ireland from 1882-1908. In 1908 the Queen’s University of Belfast became an independent university.

 The catalogue is structured to reflect the work of Queen’s College Belfast, the Queen’s University of Ireland, the Royal University of Ireland and the Queen’s University of Belfast.

 The part of the University Archive collection that is available in the online catalogue relates to Queen’s College Belfast, the Queen’s University of Ireland and the Royal University of Ireland.

 Cataloguing of the Queen’s University Archive collection is ongoing and further descriptions of records in the collection will become available on a regular basis.

Calm Screen grab

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McClay Short Loan – YOU said and WE did!

QUB Shortloan books





You asked … for more convenient / flexible return times

You dislike … having to  return books by 10 o’clock on Monday mornings

We . . . abolished specific return times

All Short Loan books can now be returned at any time of the day or night on the due date.


You said … fines accumulate too quickly

You think … the overdue charges are confusing

We . . . abolished the hourly fine rate

The hourly fine rate has been replaced by a daily charge.

The fine for the late return of  all Short Loan items (1– Night, 2-Night and 7-Night) is now the same — £2.50 per item per day.


 You asked … for books in very heavy demand to be  available for use only in the Library

You said … it’s difficult  to get hold of recommended texts in time to meet deadlines

We . . . created a Short Loan Reference category

A small number of books cannot be borrowed—they are only for use in the Short Loan area.


You said … the 1-Night Loan period is too short

We . . . discontinued 1-Night book loans

The 1-Night books can now be borrowed for 3 days (2 nights).

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Nature Communications E-journal

Online access to Nature Communications is now available via QCat Library Catalogue: https://encore.qub.ac.uk/iii/encore_qub/record/C__Rb1719854 .

Nature Communications is a multidisciplinary journal dedicated to publishing high-quality research in all areas of the biological, physical, chemical and Earth sciences.

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Why is Open Access important to Queen’s?

Open Access is about making academic research freely available online. It is important because:

  • it enables Queen’s researchers to share their work internationally
  • it makes the University’s research easier to discover online
  • it results in higher citation rates for research conducted at Queen’s
  • it ensures compliance with funders’ policies, such as RCUK
  • it is required by HEFCE, and will effect eligibility to the next REF
  • it provides a good return on public spending invested in the University

All of these aspects impact the individual researcher and their institution. The University has shown its commitment to this area by developing the Queen’s University Open Access Policy, which is effective from 1 November 2014.

Furthermore the University has established an Open Access Team, based in the McClay Library, to assist Queen’s researchers in making their research open access. The team are currently developing an Open Access FAQ Section to help answer any questions that you might have.

Open Access is here to stay and it is growing in both popularity and significance. It is important to the University, to the future of research and to you, the researchers.

For further information or assistance, contact the Open Access Team; we are here to help: openaccess@qub.ac.uk

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The Countdown to the New HEFCE Policy on Open Access Continues

With only nine months to go, the countdown is on to 1st April 2016 when HEFCE’s policy for open access in the post-2014 REF will be implemented. Non-compliance with the policy will mean that papers are not eligible for assessment and will be given an unclassified score.

In brief HEFCE have mandated green open access. The policy has two major parts:

  • a requirement to deposit final peer-reviewed manuscripts of journal articles and conference proceedings into an institutional repository or subject repository within three months of acceptance; and
  • a requirement that papers are made open access as soon as possible after publication and do not exceed the embargo limits (12 months REF Main Panels A & B; 24 months REF Main Panels C & D).

The policy will apply to all manuscripts accepted for publication from 1 April 2016 but you are encouraged to start uploading your accepted papers now to Pure.

There is a dedicated Open Access Team available to assist you and lots of help and advice on the Library webpages. For further information or assistance, contact the Open Access Team; we are here to help: openaccess@qub.ac.uk.

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RefWorks training (reference management)

Want to find out more about reference management? Come to a RefWorks training session to learn more about saving your references in one place and creating bibliographies.

Dates are as follows. Please sign up by clicking the link below each date.

RefWorks Training – 1st July 2015

RefWorks Training – 8th July 2015

RefWorks Training – 15th July 2015

RefWorks Training – 22nd July 2015

RefWorks Training – 29th July 2015

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Graduate School Summer Opening Hours

The Graduate School is open to all post-graduates as follows through the summer:

Monday – Friday: 8am – 10pm
Saturday – Sunday: 9am – 6pm
Office Hours: 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday

**Please note that the centre will be closed on Thursday 2nd July from 5pm – 8pm but will re-open from 8pm-10pm. The building will not be accessible during this time**

Group study room bookings

Group study rooms in the Graduate School are now available for postgraduates to book using Queen’s Online. This facility is under ‘Graduate study room booking’ on the left side of the Queen’s Online home page under ‘Administration’.

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ScienceDirect technical issue resolved

The problem with access to ScienceDirect has now been resolved.

We would like to apologise for the inconvenience.

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